Some siblings can’t seem to get along, while others just get the special dynamic of that relationship. Family always comes first, and when you can do something for your siblings, you just do it. Colten Brewer had the means to surprise his younger brother, Masen, with a fully customized truck for his 16th birthday, so he went for it. Yeah, I’ll give you a minute to push your jealously back into the pit of your stomach. Okay, back to our story.

Masen had been showing a lot of interest in slammed trucks since Colten had a couple of ’bagged duallies, and he’d recently acquired a standard cab Silverado that was featured right here in Street Trucks (“Black Sheep,” June 2015). That last truck, though, really got to him. According to Colten, Masen couldn’t stop talking about it, and even had his own ideas about how he would make it different if it were his.

Because of Masen’s enthusiasm, Colten got the idea to make Masen’s dream come true. No one except Colten and a few key players were privy to the plan until the very end. Colten did humor Masen a bit by having a rendering drawn up of what Colten’s truck would look like with the changes Masen had in mind. In reality, what Masen was looking at was his future truck! Pretty sneaky.

After picking up a newstandard cab from the local dealership, Colten went straight to Nfamus Metal Fab in Cleburne, Texas, for the full Nfamus treatment. If you’re familiar with the shop’s reputation, you know they don’t mess around when it comes to complete builds. A lot of shops might stop once the rockers kiss pavement, but Nfamus owner Keith Sawyer has been known to go above and beyond, outdoing himself with each ride his shop puts out.

As if building someone’s first custom truck (and first vehicle of any kind, for that matter) wasn’t satisfying enough, Colten and the Nfamus crew (consisting of Neal, Erik and Marcos) decided to make things extra special for Masen by arranging to have the truck debut at SEMA 2016. Talk about creating memories!

This wasn’t Nfamus’ first rodeo with GM’s newest Silverados, so the guys went right to cutting up the factory chassis without breaking a sweat, replacing the center section with 3×3 boxed tubing to take care of the majority of the body drop right from the start. And things only got crazier from there. A narrowed rearend and custom-fabbed Nfamus air ride suspension made stuffing the 26-inch Raceline Commander wheels, which sport sandblasted centers and 305mm wide Pirelli tires, possible. Even the front bumper was modified to lay flat with the rest of the truck.

The exterior still wore its factory silver finish, but key items, such as the headlights, grille, door handles and rear bumper were color-matched by Justin Rogers. The result is a clean, sanitary look from front to back that kept things practical since the truck would be a daily driver.

As mild as the exterior might seem mods-wise, the interior by Ray at Delgado’s Upholstery offers a nice juxtaposition with its wild styling. Practically everything was made red, from the hot-rod-style loop carpeting to the reshaped leather seats, LTZ crew cab console, and even the headliner, dash and steering wheel were wrapped in fresh red cowhide. We think you’ll agree that you can never go wrong with red guts.

After all of the hard work and dedication from everyone involved, Colten wasn’t about to just hand over the keys to Masen all willy-nilly. No, even the “reveal” had to be special. It seems that the perfect opportunity presented itself, and with Masen’s birthday coming up, the timing was perfect.

The Brewer family was headed to California to visit Colten and Masen’s sister, Payten, and there’s a place they all have dinner whenever they’re in town. We’re sure dinner was great, but dessert was epic. Waiting outside under cover was Masen’s new ride. Remember, no one present except Colten even knew the truck existed, so we can imagine that everyone’s reaction was priceless.

Masen was able to get some quality time in with his truck before shipping it off to SEMA for its world debut, and he’s been enjoying the low life ever since.

Tech Specs


Masen Brewer

2016 Chevy Silverado

Cleburne, TX


  • Stock 5.3L Ecotec
  • Flowmaster mufflers with custom piping
  • Optima battery
  • Rear-end narrowed 10 inches with Moser axles
  • Custom fuel cell


  • Work performed by Nfamus Metal Fab
  • 4.125-inch body drop
  • Custom Nfamus front upper and lower control arms
  • Modified stock spindles
  • Nfamus 3-link wishbone rear suspension
  • Slam Specialties RE-7 airbags
  • QA1 shocks front and rear
  • Wilwood front and rear disc brakes


  • 26×10 Raceline Commanders with sandblasted centers
  • 305/30R26 Pirelli tires


  • Work performed by Nfamus Metal Fab and Justin Rogers
  • Modified front bumper for clearance
  • Color-matched bumpers, door handles, tailgate handle, grille and headlights with DuPont paint
  • Custom front and rear fenderwells for clearance
  • Front fenders modified with round bar for protection while turning
  • Raised bed floor


  • Work performed by Delgado’s Upholstery
  • Fat Mat sound deadening
  • Complete color change to red
  • Reshaped factory seats with hand-stitched red leather
  • Hot-rod-style loop carpeting
  • Leather headliner
  • Hand-stitched red leather steering wheel
  • Leather-covered dashboard
  • Red seatbelts
  • 2016 LTZ center console

Special Thanks from Owner: “Mom, dad, brother and sister, Keith, Neal, Erik and Marcos at Nfamus, Ray at Delgado’s Upholstery, Justin Rogers for all the paint and bodywork and Ernie with USSV Rhino.”