Cut from a Different Cloth

IT’S RARE WHEN YOU CROSS paths with a truck such as this. It’s even rarer to see one that can hold a candle to it. But even in those rare cases, what lies underneath is often a Frankenstein of salvaged pieces. A solid-ish floor pan here, a mostly straight bed there. But something with this clean of a history, this simple of an existence—that is a once in a lifetime find.

Lynn Pace purchased his 1966 Ford F-100 out of a Tennessee barn 32 years ago. With 80,000 miles on the clock and original owner, Lynn jumped at the opportunity. And as life would have it, this F-100 would also live in Lynn’s garage for three decades, patiently biding its time. A little over two years ago, Lynn was finally at a place in his life where he could make his vision for the ’66 become a reality.

Lynn selected nothing but high-quality products and companies from start to finish.

Flush Kindigit door handles are just one of the many subtle custom touches on Black Magic.

When Lynn said that the build was simple, that he “made a plan and stuck to it,” he meant it. There were no corners cut. Beginning with the chassis, Lynn selected nothing but high-quality products and companies from start to finish. A 2018 Fat Man Fabrication 110- inch wheelbase chassis was the starting foundation. The full-frame provides a rock-solid, modern frame to the stunning fourth-gen. It sports polished double-wishbone A-arms, sway bar, and ladderstyle rear suspension. RideTech coilovers provide adjustable height and dampening at each corner. The frame grips the truck perfectly. Custom geometry turns on a dime and gives full range of motion to each of the up-sized wheels. The frame was painted black for a clean, simple finish. The accompanying suspension components are all polished for a nice clean, yet suitable show finish.

Speaking of polished, direct your attention to Lynn’s wheel of choice. Budnik “Knife” billet wheels sit in a staggered formation. The hot-rod rake comes by way of 18×8 inches in the front and a fair bit of polished lip still protrudes in conjunction with the 3.75 inches of backspacing. The rears measure in at 20×12 inches and use 3 inches of backspacing. The split five-spokes are wrapped with Michelin Lattitude tires, 235/50/18 and 305/50/20 accordingly. Thanks to the Fat Man chassis, there is not a bit of rub to be found in the wheel wells. The wheels also perfectly clear the accompanying Wilwood disc brakes in the front and rear. The monstersized stoppers tout four pistons and are fed by a discreet Kugel Components 90-degree master cylinder tucked stylishly behind the dash.

But this ’66 muscle truck doesn’t just talk the talk; it definitely walks the walk. The motor matches the drapes… so to speak. This F-100 was factory fitted with the 352 V-8 and Ford C6 automatic transmission. When Lynn purchased his truck, the 80,000-mile motor needed a refreshment. It was rebuilt to factory spec and driven for another 6,000 miles before its long hibernation. When Lynn began the resto-mod, he opted to pull and preserve the original engine. It was replaced by a crate Ford Racing 351 Windsor rated at 400 hp. With a bit more persuasion, the small block is now pushing 500. It makes use of a Comp camshaft and Edelbrock ported aluminum heads, complete with roller rockers. The motor is further modernized by way of an MSD distributor and Holley Terminator EFI. Shorty ceramic-coated headers from Patriot lead to a 2.5-inch stainless Borla Exhaust system making for the perfect note when cranking down the highway. Like the rest of the truck, the engine also looks as good as it performs. It’s adorned by an Edelbrock polished intake and fully polished front-runner kit. The valve covers, heads, breathers and accessories are all mirror polished. The engine is front and center, left uninterrupted thanks to a fully tucked engine bay. The powerplant is hooked to the rebuilt C6 transmission and sends power along the custom driveshaft to a center-lined Ford 9-inch rear end. The rear uses 31-spline axels from Currie Enterprises and is outfitted with a 3:73 Posi LSD.

The badass chassis and savage powertrain are more than worthy of attention. But it’s honestly difficult to overstate the significance of the body. A builder may choose to preserve a project’s original body. Or they may choose to customize it at will. In either case, a sure path to success is to highlight the inherent beauty of the design. Lynn chose the latter method to this end. In total, there are more than 150 body customizations. Working from nose to tail, the front bumper and grille are the original units. They both sport a fresh chrome finish. The bumper also sits closer to the frame. The frame horns themselves were shortened and the mounting points moved back. The bumper was smoothed and filled, eliminating the exposed bolts and plate mounts. Finally, it spans the body more attractively having lost 2-inches on each end. The wiper cowl was also filled and smoothed. Underneath the hood, the metalwork continues. The inner fenders and firewall are completely smooth. Nothing is mounted in the engine bay other than the motor itself. The custom radiator and slim fan are fully integrated into the steel-work.

Moving back to the exterior, the factory handles have been replaced with Kindigit billet units. The body restoration continues along the cab, culminating at the bed union. The cab fluting has been filled and smoothed for a seamless look. The bed itself is completely seam filled. The gas filler was shaved and relocated to the bed floor. The rear tubs were cut away and replaced with modified Ford Bronco tubs. The tailgate too is smooth, void of FORD lettering. The handle was reversed on the inner side. The flat tailgate compliments a Dennis Carpenter roll pan. The roll pan integrates a custom third brake light. All of the truck’s emblems were removed and filled. Yes, even the iconic “Twin I-Beam” badge of the ’66 model. Instead, a latemodel Ford badge was frenched into the lower corner of the tailgate for an updated, factory look. With the dozens of customizations complete, the truck began the long paint prep process. Lynn’s painter had the truck for quite some time. But well worth the wait, as every single gap boasts completely parallel edges. Simple and timeless, the truck is draped in Onyx Black from PPG.

It’s a build like this that sets the bar for the rest. Cut from a different cloth, it preserves and enhances all the truck’s natural beauty while displaying true custom character.

Never one to be accused of inconsistency, Lynn continued the meticulous custom work through the cabin. The ashtray, glove box and radio location have been filled and smoothed along the dash. As a further push of the envelope, Lynn opted to remove the vent windows, smooth the trim and replace them with custom one-piece glass windows.

The icy dashboard now sports a push-button ignition, Dakota Digital gauge cluster and Ididit tilt steering column. The ignition push-button is a custom unit that finds its twin in an electric parking brake, both by Watson Street Works. A custom leather bench seat and center console provide driver support. Both are fitted with brown leather and gray suede thanks to the needlework of Steve Holcomb at Pro Auto Fab Interiors in Knoxville, Tennessee. The center console houses the polished Lokar shifter and touchscreen head unit. The Bluetooth capable stereo sends sound through a complete Rockford Fosgate system. The speakers are cleverly tucked throughout the cabin. Much like the exterior, the cabin of Lynn’s ’66 puts on a helluva performance. It presents a convincing juxtaposition of custom and classic. One that looks both OEM and ultra-custom at the same time. The final touchpoint comes by way of a Budnik Knife billet steering wheel to match the rolling attire.

There is just no way around it. Lynn’s ’66 is something else. A build, no matter the genre, of this quality and finish is jawdropping. But when such careful craftsmanship is applied to the timeless silhouette of a 1966 F-100, magic happens. It’s a build like this that sets the bar for the rest. Cut from a different cloth, it preserves and enhances all the truck’s natural beauty while displaying true custom character.


1966 Ford F-100
Maryville, Tennessee


• Fat Man Fab 110-inch frame
• Ride Tech coilovers


• Crate 351 Windsor
• Edelbrock aluminum heads
• Comp camshaft
• Edlebrock intake
• Holley Terminator EFI
• MSD distributor
• Polished front runner kit and accessories
• Patriot Shorty ceramic coated headers
• Borla ceramic-coated exhaust
• Rebuilt C6 transmission
• Custom driveshaft
• Ford 9-inch rear end with 3:73 Posi LSD
• Currie Ent. 31 spline axles


• Budnik Knife billet wheels: 18×8 and 20×12
• Michelin Lattitude tires, 235/50/18 and 305/50/20
• Wilwood four-piston calipers front and rear
• Kugul Components 90-degree master cylinder


• PPX Onyx Black
• Re-chromed trim
• Shaved and filled body
• Gapped body panels
• Shortened and tucked front bumper
• Rear roll pan
• Smoothed tailgate with frenched Ford badge
• Integrated third brake light
• Single piece windows
• Ford Bronco rear tubs
• Shaved and tucked engine bay
• Kindigit door handles
• 150+ body customizations


• Custom bench and center console: Brown leather with gray inserts
• Console mounted head unit
• Rockford Fosgate system
• Shaved dash
• Dakota Digital HDX gauge cluster
• Ididit tilt steering column
• Budnik Knife steering wheel
• Lokar shifter
• Watson Street Works push button ignition and E-brake