A Ford Truck Enthusiast’s Latest F-100 Creation

Words by John Mata Jr.
Photos by Solomon Lunger

Truck owners and builders who find themselves being brand-loyal to the pickups of choice in their adult years most likely have had a positive childhood familiarity with, say, a Ford or Chevy model. While no real science is behind this statement, the amount of times builders who mention the trucks their dad or grandpa had years ago influencing the trucks they choose to buy or build today does point back to that direction. 

This kind of stuff is all I wished I could have done as a kid… 

There is some truth to explain this proclivity towards certain badges that develops over the years, and to back this claim up, Michael Cassey of Canton, Georgia, recently shared the story about his most recent F-100 project.

“Restoring my dad’s ’81 Ford F-Series with him and my brothers was such a great experience as a kid, it recently crossed my mind years later to recreate that sense of accomplishment and to see another childhood dream through,” Michael says.

Naturally, he developed an eye for other generations of Ford pickups throughout the years, and when he felt the time was right to seek one out to build on his own, he handpicked an older model that has stuck out to him since his childhood.

Even before the first day of wrenching commenced after locking down his very own ’67 F-100, Michael already had a very good idea of how he wanted it to look.

“This kind of stuff is all I wished I could have done as a kid,” he admits. “While I’ve had a general vision of what I wanted to do with my ’67, I’ve also been trying to keep a realistic outlook on setting a strict budget for the project because modern modifications do not come easy or cheap.”


With the importance of figuring out how to afford a build of this magnitude in mind, Michael began taking notes of what he could do himself with the help of friends and family members and what should be outsourced to the professionals.

“Using the right people with the right amount of experience to do certain jobs was also something I made sure to keep high on the priority list,” he says. “Custom work tends to cause a ton of unforeseen issues, that’s for sure, so you have to be prepared for unexpected scenarios and expenditures.”

With a solid game plan in place, Michael began on his F-100 project by first boxing in and bracing the factory ’67 frame for a full front IFS system from Helix. The CornerKiller package that he selected came with new spindles, coilovers, control arms, power rack-and-pinion steering, as well as upgraded braking components. For the rear, Michael turned to Helix once again for an adjustable 4-link and coilover setup that would give his F-100 a much sportier stance and the handling performance that he could utilize on the track. To fully capitalize on the Ford’s heavily modified suspension, Michael then selected a set of staggered 20-inch Rocket Attack wheels along with a foursome of Nitto rubber to truly round out the truck’s aggressive new chassis system.

To keep the modifications flowing, Michael then recruited the assistance of Cleveland Engine Shop in Cleveland, Georgia (not OH), to stroke the 429ci V-8 to 521ci. This shop specializes in high-performance engines, and when it comes to creating more torque and power, they use only top shelf components to make it happen. Of course, this F-100’s powerplant was no exception. Plenty of internals and other parts were upgraded for performance sake as well as to increase the visual appeal during the overhaul process. A Monster C6 performance racing transmission was also included into the build to increase the level of excitement Michael could experience on the streets.


Next, the time had come to address the F-100’s exterior. Michael wished to add some custom tricks that would make his truck stand out and look different without the changes being too obvious or looking out of place.

…the step-side bed and tailgate, which are both OEM pieces, were widened a full 5.5 inches to match the bump side cab… 

To begin that process, the step-side bed and tailgate, which are both OEM pieces, were widened a full 5.5 inches to match the bump side cab and blended together to make it all look factory. The modifications have created a much more aggressive rearend that leaves most onlookers scratching their heads trying to figure out what is so different here from other F-100 trucks.

With much more metal work still to do, Michael then began smoothing the cowl and firewall before mocking up inner front fenders to spruce up the engine bay as well. When the time came to choose a final paint color, a carbonized gray paint was chosen, which actually works well for the truck on a couple levels. For an older truck, this hue adds a sense of class and sophistication while also presenting a sinister dark side, which this F-100 successfully portrays on both fronts.

Once the paint dried, Michael was quick to start the reassembly process with some quick aftermarket add-ons that would bump up the truck’s modern appeal. Raptor-style Ford lettering was added to the grille, LED head and taillights were wired up, and Kindig-It door handles and billet side mirrors were bolted on for a quick and stylish outwardly refresh.


A similar take inside the cab was also rolled out to give the interior a cool cleanup without going over the top. To start, fresh TMI leather bucket seats and dashpad were lined up, as were white face gauges from New Vintage USA and a killer Budnik billet steering wheel. A one-off center console was fabricated to place between the new buckets, and new door panels were created to suit the overall theme of the Ford’s streamlined appearance. Of course, since Michael was interested in modernizing the truck whenever possible, he made sure to include custom blue lighting and a full stereo system complete with back up camera function.

The F-100 came together rather quickly, as it has transformed to its current state in just seven months. Once Michael started on it, it was nearly impossible for him to slow up until it was completed. Even though there are still some small tweaks here and there he wishes to attend to, Michael’s latest Ford pickup project sits as one of the cleanest and well-put-together ’67s out there.

The F-100 came together rather quickly, as it has transformed to its current state in just seven months. 

“I’ve learned that if you go into a project like this with true passion and a real reason to get the job done, all the long hours, hard work, and amounts of money are well worth the effort in the end,” Michael says.



Michael Cassey

Truck: 1967 Ford F-100
Name: Clean Slate
Location: Canton, GA


  • Cleveland Engine Shop, Cleveland, GA
  • V-8 429ci stroked to 521ci
  • Balanced and Blueprinted
  • Scat Pro Comp I-Beam connecting rods
  • Keith Black pistons
  • Plasma Moly piston rings
  • Aluminum heads
  • Flowtech headers
  • Borla 3-inch stainless exhaust system w/ cutouts and tips
  • HEI ignition
  • Monster C6 performance race transmission, torque converter and transmission cooler
  • B&M Stealth Magnum Grip Pro Stick shifter

Chassis & Suspension 

  • 1967 Ford F100 frame
  • Braced (boxed) for IFS
  • Helix Corner Killer (front) and Suspension Pros (rear) coilovers
  • Adjustable rear 4-link kit
  • Helix power rack and pinion
  • Rear mount tank

Wheels, Tires & Brakes 

  • 20×10 and 20×12 Rocket Attack wheels (4.5- front and 6-inch rear backspacing)
  • 285/35/20 and 315/35/20 Nitto tires
  • Helix drilled/slotted front rotors, rear MBM disc brakes
  • Wilwood master cylinder

Body & Paint 

  • Carbonized Grey Martin Senour basecoat/clearcoat
  • Matrix grille / Raptor Ford letters
  • Fenders tapered to fit truck width
  • LED head and taillights
  • Smoothed cowl, drip rails and firewall
  • Custom inner fenders
  • Bed and tailgate widened 5.5 inches w/ hidden latch
  • Kindig-It door handles
  • Billet side mirrors

Interior & Stereo 

  • TMI Products bucket seats w/ black and grey leather upholstery
  • Custom console and door panels
  • Smoothed dash
  • New Vintage USA instrumentation
  • Budnik steering wheel
  • Blue lighting on all gauges and stereo w/ reverse camera