Cover Reveal | April ’21 Best of 2020 Special Edition

On The Cover: John O’Neill from OC Product Photos made a special flight all the way from California to Tampa, Florida, for an epic photoshoot in this truck owner’s custom-built garage. Now that’s how you shoot a cover! 2020 Street Trucks Awards Celebrating the Best of the Best.

What’s Inside!

Biggest Impact in 2020 | No Compromize: Mike Barcia Left No Stone Unturned on This Wicked 1-Ton

2020 Truck of the Year | Flip to Page 46 to See the Winning Truck!

2020 Builder of the Year | With Multiple Cover Trucks and Tons of Ink, This Builder is the Clear Winner

2020 Club of the Year | Check Out the Club That Reigns Supreme in 2020!

2020 C10 of the Year | There Were So Many C10s to Choose From, It Was Hard to Pick the Best!

2020 Mini-Truck of the Year | One of the Most Coveted Titles in the Truck Scene, and We Name the Winner!

2020 Manufacturer of the Year | The Newest Titled Added to the “Best Of” Lineup, and This Company Deserves the Nod! ‘

2020 Lifted of the Year | Only a Few Lifted Trucks in the Book, and This One Topped Them All!

Shots from the Shows | The Best Among the Rest in 2020
Style Points | COVID Couldn’t Stop Dino’s Git Down

I’ve Got the POWER! | Hypertech’s Newest Tuner Unleashes Some Serious Power to the 3.5L EcoBoost

Letter from the Editor
Word on the Street
New Parts Section
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