Latest Audio Upgrades for your Truck or SUV

There’s so much more to a well-rounded sound system than just earth-quaking bass. Even though subwoofers are important pieces of the puzzle when wiring up an ideal audio setup in your truck, a lot of other components deserve consideration as well. The aftermarket is rich with state-of-the-art replacement multimedia receivers, speakers, and amplifiers that will totally change the way you listen to your favorite music and access important functions of your phone. You can also find many accessories that allow for a quicker and easier interface to unlocking your stereo’s true potential and convenience. 

Whether you are looking to scrap all your truck’s existing stock audio system or hoping to make the most of an OEM head unit and speakers, we have rounded up a group of parts that can help make it happen. Some truck owners are willing to go all in with audio accessories while others are looking to make more mild modifications inside the cab. Whichever category you happen to land in, we’ve found the market’s hottest audio products that’ll make your ears ring.


Alpine ILX-407 Multimedia Receiver

Not only is the ILX-407 an attractive, feature-packed double-DIN infotainment dreamboat, but it also features of Alpine’s coolest functions to date—PowerStack compatibility. While Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and all the other bells and whistles come standard, the ILX-407 receiver also features a specific shallow-mount design (only 2.4 inches deep) to save room on the backside to utilize Alpine’s ultra compact KTA-450 4-channel or KTA-200M mono block amp that connects stealthily behind ILX-407 unit. The combined depth is comparable to a traditional double-DIN radio, but the added bonus of running a powerful amp while taking up absolutely no extra space is anything but ordinary.


Stinger HEIGH10 Infotainment System 

Got a 2014-2018 GMC Sierra or Chevy Silverado? Want to upgrade its factory stereo to a much more exciting 10-inch flush-mount touchscreen while still retaining all OEM features in one easy plug-and-play package? Answering yes to both will lead you to Stinger’s new Heigh10 multimedia receiver package that delivers the ability to access an HD view of factory cameras, steering wheel controls, and USB ports all with the updated convenience of a much larger infotainment display.

Stinger Off-Road

Sony XAV-9500ES Media Receiver 

Offering an impressive 10.1-inch anti-glare, high-definition LCD panel designed on a single-DIN chassis, Sony’s XAV-9500ES would be a great addition inside any truck cab. A four-way adjustment makes it easy to position the unit’s oversized, floating display out of the way, yet always within reach. This stereo just isn’t about a big screen though, as creating high-resolution audio signals is still at the top of the highlight reel here, as is intuitive smartphone connectivity without the tangled mess of wires or cords.


Retro Manufacturing Newport 1.5-DIN Radio

Designed to be a direct-fit replacement for ’95-’98 Chevy C/K Series pickup, ’89-’91 Suburban and K5 Blazer, ’87-’00 Dodge Dakota, ’94-’01 Dodge Ram pickup, and a whole lot of other vehicles of this era, Retro Manufacturing’s Newport radio stands as the most authentic aftermarket drop-in unit out there. Fill the entire 1.5-DIN opening in your truck’s dash with the Newport’s period-correct appearance, and choose from three motor types to really boost this radio’s modern audio features.

Retro Manufacturing

Jensen CM901MIR Multimedia Receiver 

While this might look like another expensive big screen-equipped car stereo—it isn’t. Well, the 9-inch LEC touchscreen display is nice, but Jensen’s CM901MIR is priced well under $400! Since smartphones and car audio go hand in hand these days, Jensen capitalized on compatibility with functions like phone mirroring, voice command, a front-mounted USB port, and the ability to connect to a rear backup camera. The screen is five-way adjustable, so finding the right viewing angle while on the road isn’t a problem.


Pioneer DEH-X8800BHS CD Receiver 

For those of you looking for a function-rich single-DIN stereo, including CD playback—Pioneer has a variety of these specific decks to choose from. Leading the pack is the DEH-X8800BHS receiver that features built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling and wireless audio streaming, as well as connectivity to Pioneer’s own ARC phone-based app to control the radio’s presets, volume, track control, and more. Choose from over 210,000 on-screen text colors and button illumination to choose from, and break out your burned CD folder from the closet—it’s time to cruise like the old days again.


Memphis Audio App-Controlled “Headless” Source Unit

Owners of classic trucks will appreciate Memphis Audio’s “headless” source unit as it allows all the power and functionality of a traditional head unit without having to cut the dash to fit an aftermarket stereo. The hideaway black box stores all the features, and once installed, the interface is connected via Bluetooth to your cell phone—doesn’t get any easier than that! This unit also features a built-in 50w x 4 amp with six source options and front/rear/subwoofer RCA outputs so you can build up an entire sound system from this compact unit.

Memphis Audio


Memphis Mojo Mini-Truck Specific Enclosure

Available for Chevy/GMC (pictured), Ford and Ram pickups, Memphis Audio’s direct-fit, truck-specific loaded subwoofer enclosures are designed to deliver hard-hitting bass while blending nicely inside your truck’s cab. Loaded with dual 8-inch MOJO mini subwoofers, Memphis Audio’s truck-specific enclosures are the way to go to get the hit low bass notes without having to sacrifice valuable interior real estate.

Memphis Audio

SONY Mobile ES Subwoofers and Speakers 

Adding to its premium Mobile ES audio lineup, Sony has recently unveiled two new 12-inch subwoofer options, 6.5- and 6×9-inch component sets, as well as a 4-channel, 5-channel and mono amplifier. The ES stands for Elevated Standard, and every piece of equipment in this series raises the bar in terms of unrivaled acoustics, high power output and clarity.


Focal Elite Utopia 165 W-XP Components 

Those looking for a robust sound signal inside their cab will likely choose a quality component speaker set. Designed and developed in France, Focal’s Elite Utopia 165W-XP set boasts a level of high audio performance with top shelf features like a tuned mass damper woofer surround to capture the true beauty of midrange sound. A beryllium tweeter is used to deliver all the micro details present within your favorite songs that are oftentimes lost with other speakers. Controlling this orchestration of sound is a bi-amplification crossover that allows the woofer and tweeter to operate separately, which results in optimum performance.


HERTZ Mille Pro Shallow Mount Sub 

Tight cab space doesn’t always allow for the use of traditional sub enclosures, which is why quality shallow mount subs like the Hertz Mille Pro is so valuable. Given their compact size, the amount of air space needed to gain top performance is dramatically lessened, which directly decreases the size of the enclosure needed inside the cab. The Mille Pro shallow mount sub handles 500w of continuous power, and is available in either a 10- or 12-inch option.

Hertz Audio

Kicker Solo-Baric L7TDF Enclosure

The square L7 subwoofer from Kicker has been around for a while now, and its current variations just keep getting better. The new Solo-Baric L7 down firing loaded enclosure is ultra-thin, and can fit under the seat or neatly tucked away in a cargo area. The down firing aspect of the box allows the sub to be protected at all times without the use of a grille, and the box itself can actually support a good deal of weight, so stuff can be stacked on top of it. Available in single 8-, 10- and 12-inch sub options, choose the size that works best for your taste in bass and available space.


Rockford Fosgate Power 6.5-inch T3 Component System 

True audiophiles will get the most from RF’s Power T3 6.5-inch component set. This 2-way system comes complete with two woofers with grilles, a pair of tweeters, a multi-function crossover, and all necessary mounting hardware. Rated at 125w RMS, the T3 component set will produce the best sound quality a car audio speaker can offer.

Rockford Fosgate


Alpine Power Pack Amplifiers 

Alpine designed these two super compact amplifiers (KTA-450 4-channel or KTA-200M mono) to mount directly behind the ILX-407 or other compatible multimedia receivers, which they call PowerStack technology for obvious reason. Both deliver big power in a small package, so if you’re looking to amplify door and dash speakers or pump up the bass with a subwoofer, these two options will come in clutch. Best of all, these amps take up zero cab space!


JL Audio VX600/1i Mono Block Amplifier 

Bass fiends will get a big kick out of the amount of power JL’s VX600/1i mono amp is capable of. An output of 400w into 4ohms or a staggering 600w into 2ohms is what’s on the table here. To further sweeten the deal, every VXi amp combines JL’s advanced, low frequency NexD2 amplifier technology with an integrated full-featured digital signal processor (DSP). The result is heavy-hitting bass response with outstanding efficiency in a rather compact design to deliver big sound with a small footprint.

JL Audio

Kenwood XR-600-6DSP OEM Replacement Amplifier 

With many newer trucks equipped with awesome factory-equipped multimedia receivers, you may not want to ditch the convenience of yours for the sake of better sound quality. Well, Kenwood understands this predicament and has introduced the XR-600-6DSP OEM replacement amplifier. This amp, when combined with an iDatalink Maestro AR unit, can use a true sound signal from the factory stereo and translate all the CAN-Bus communication of the original radio to the XR600-6DSP for amplified sound quality. The amp can then be setup and finely tuned via Kenwood’s DSP Control app.


JBL DSP 4086 Amplifier 

Tight on space? JBL’s ultra-compact DSP 4086 amp can fit just about anywhere and has the ability to crank out some serious power. This tiny class-D amp is a self-contained audio system with 6-channel audio inputs, 8-channel powered audio outputs with an easy-to-use tuning interface. The possibilities of this amp far outweigh its size, and for those looking to maximize sound options from minimal cab space, this unit will prove to be invaluable now with room to grow your system even louder in the future.


Kicker IQ Amplifiers 

Power is lost without control. This is what Kicker kept in mind when developing their line of IQ amplifiers. Impressive Class D power and the included TWEEQ tuning software allow the end user to fully harness the absolute best from your music. Available in multi-channel and mono options, all Kicker IQ amps give you the raw power you demand with the ability to shape it to complement the other audio components in your truck. An optional IQ Bluetooth interface allows you to play audio and answer calls wirelessly, as well as control as many as four IQ amps via the TWEEQ software from a phone or tablet.



Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter 

The integration of iPhone usage to a lot of factory and aftermarket stereos is great for modern convenience but we’re in a mostly wireless time in technology—it’s time to ditch the charging cable already! Utilize Apple CarPlay in your truck without having to plug-in before every single trip.


Retro Manufacturing RetroPods 

The RPOD6 surface-mount speaker modules have been re-designed to feature a slimmer mounting depth of just 2.44 inches and are able to accept the same 6.5-inch speakers as before. A slimmer profile unlocks many more locations to add speakers to classic trucks that didn’t exist before without the need to cut or modify the interior. All RetroPods are built with rugged ABS plastic and can be painted, wrapped or carpeted to blend into any interior.

Retro Manufacturing

Scosche MagicMount Pro Charge4 

Securely mount and charge your iPhone with one single device. Scosche’s MagicMount ProCharge4 allows for a quick and easy magnetic hold with iPhone 12 and up model phones, but if you don’t have any of those phone models—don’t fret. Simply attach the provided MagicPlate to the back of your phone, and you’ll still be able to access the same experience. Available in a window/dash or dash/vent option, get the MagicMount that best fits your truck.


Suppressor Acoustical and Heat Control Mat 

Thermo Tec’s Suppressor mat works wonders when keeping annoying outside road noise out while preserving audio sound quality inside the cab. A bonus to using this mat is that it also blocks unwanted heat out at the same time—hurry and lay this stuff down before summer!

Thermo Tec

Q-Form Kick Panel Enclosures 

Achieve the quality of an expert stereo installation at home with Q-Logic’s Q-Form kick panel enclosures. Simply mount your 6.5-inch component system in the enclosure, and wire them up—it’s so easy. You’ll get a professional look and incredible sound at a fraction of the cost of what you’d spend at a shop. Q-Logic carries these enclosures for a wide range of pickups, and what they don’t carry they can probably custom design for your application.


Summit Racing Wire Stripper 

Don’t start even the smallest of electrical jobs without a good wire stripper—trust us. If you don’t have one, you might as well get a good one that features a built-in cutter and crimping tool. Now you can take on a stereo install like a pro.

Summit Racing

United Pacific Trim Removal Kit 

While you’re shopping for tools, go ahead and throw this set of trim removal tools in your cart as well. Moldings, door panels, trims, and dashboards can put up a pretty good fight without the right removal tools, and the last thing you need is to cause damage by using tools not intended for the task at hand or resorting to brute force out of frustration.

United Pacific


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