Most of the C10 crowd knows the name Ronnie Wetch by now—and if not, you’re definitely missing out! Ronnie hosts C10 Talk and several other classic truck themed podcasts, and he has been around the block once or twice when it comes to classic C10 trucks. 

Ronnie let us in on a little secret. He’s always wanted to throw a truck show, despite knowing all the actual hard work and challenges that come along with it. He’s no newb here, so he totally understood what he was tackling head-on when he finally put the gas on to bring this vision to life. He teamed up with longtime friend and fellow C10 enthusiast Sam Castronova, and they hit the ground running!

You probably know that the Southwest region of the US is a hotbed for some of the baddest classic trucks, but for this crew it’s all about the “vibe.” They want a cool place to hang with good people and good times, a place that embodies the classic truck scene, a throwback to the truck shows of the ’80s and ’90s.

There were 30-plus vendors on hand and more than 350 classic trucks—all displaying an extensive variety of styles for the nearly 2,000 spectators who strolled in throughout the day. Some of the best rides and times were had and to continue to gather at truck meetups, cruises, and shows. Meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends is exactly what makes the REUNION a perfect fit for the classic truck show schedule. See y’all there next year!