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Lower your GM SUV right the first time with a Belltech lowering kit.

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There are plenty of reasons you might want to lower your 2021+ Chevy Tahoe or GMC Yukon, including better handling and traction and decreased roll risk. And there’s always the added bonus that installing a lowering kit really increases your road feel and makes your SUV look great, too.

If your goal is to get sports-car-like handling and performance out of your 2021+ Tahoe or Yukon, check out Belltech’s complete lowering kits. Providing heightened control behind the wheel, the kit includes front and rear Street Performance lowering struts. Belltech’s suspension pros finely tuned each strut to fit the make and model of your SUV.

Whether you’re driving a 2WD or 4WD truck, Belltech offers suspension upgrades that will give your vehicle the sleek appearance you want. The kit offers customizable height from 0″ to -2″ in the front and -1″ to -3.5″ in the rear, to achieve the combination that’s perfect for you.

The Highlights: Belltech Suspension Lowering Kit

Belltech designs their Street Performance front and rear lowering struts to improve overall handling and ride quality. The struts’ 50mm body holds a larger volume of oil, creating a low-friction design that provides extra heat dissipation for high-quality damping.

Included in every complete suspension lowering kit are packers and a progressive rate polymer open cell bump stop. Belltech wants you to have perfect bump stop engagement on your SUV so that you’ll get the smoothest ride possible.

Easy installation is major goal of Belltech’s designers, who “know the real enjoyment happens while testing new suspension back on the road.” With that in mind, they also powder coat each part to make your new suspension last and stand up to heavy use.

Whether you’re ready for a complete kit, or you just need to swap out components like shocks, struts, or sway bars, Belltech has the perfect solution for you. Visit ( and upgrade your suspension today.