Vendor Spotlight. “Ikon Industries LLC”

Vendor Spotlight. “Ikon Industries LLC”  A Southern California based business for custom Chevy Chassis, flip kits,-notch,step notch,air suspension, metal fab, LS swaps, link suspension,  we sit down with  Ezra Storm to learn more about them.



ST: Tell us your name and company?

ES: Ezra Strom, : Ikon industries llc



ST: When did you decide to get into the business?


ES:  In high school when I started making speaker boxes in shop class and selling them 1994 /95, We went mainstream 3 years ago started in the garage with a online store 


ST: Tell us more about your company? History/ history behind the name.


ES: We went mainstream 3 years ago started in the garage with an online store 



ST: What were some of the struggles you had in the beginning?


ES: The beginning struggles were having no capital to start a business with  my wife and I were both working full time jobs and putting what extra was left into equipment materials to get it going 



ST: What were some of the wins you had that you knew it was going to work?

ES: Some of the wins are knowing what the aftermarket truck market wants and dosent want 


ST: What do you do to stand out from your competitors?

ES: We stand out from our local competitors by specializing in custom suspension we are a manufacturer and can change with the direction of the current trend at a moments notice by being small were not just stuck to one thing 


ST: Do you attend shows and if so about how many a year.


ES: We go to shows when we can  



ST: Do you have or have/ had a custom vehicle? If so, give us an overview of what you own/ have owned.

ES: My wife and I are building custom trucks myself is 1970 c10 wife’s 50 chevy 5 window 


ST: Where can we buy your product?

ES: Products can be found , Or shop is 760 e Francis St Suite B Ontario Ca 



ST: What is the future for your business?


ES: Our future is expansion to have a full machine shop a bigger install/assembly section,  far as the future goes its uncertain but I can tell what I have seen in the last 20 years is how the trends come and go we are seeing full circle now in some genres of the truck scene 



ST: Thank you for the interview and do you have any last parting words for our readers? 

ES: Parting words  if your gonna build a custom truck build it to how you want it dont let someone’s  influence change your vision on how its done 



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