Overkill Unleashed: Brad Abercrombie’s 1975 F-100 Revival

Brad Abercrombie’s 1975 F-100 

At the young age of 13, Brad Abercrombie’s father purchased a 1975 Ford F-100 for him to fix up for high school. With the truck in their hands, Brad and his father did some of the usual stuff to get it road worthy for brads 16th birthday. Of course, being true hot-rod guys, they decided to put a 460 in the truck before Brad was even 14. 

One evening while Brad’s uncle Graham Guthrie was driving the truck, an unsuspecting Chevy Camaro decided to pick a fight with the F-100, which didn’t end well for the Bow Tie.


One evening while Brad’s uncle Graham Guthrie was driving the truck, an unsuspecting Chevy Camaro decided to pick a fight with the F-100, which didn’t end well for the Bow Tie. Realizing the truck was dang fast, Brad’s father decided to turn the truck into more of an eighth-mile weekend bruiser. Keep in mind, this was all before Brad had even turned 15. Up until 2006, Brad spent his weekends racing at the now closed North Star Raceway in Sanger, Texas. Later that year the truck was sold, and they moved on to “normal” life.

A Holley EFI Pro cluster monitors the truck’s speed and engine vitals.

Fast forward to 2019 and Brad decided he would like to have the truck back. Brad quickly located the person they sold the truck to, and to his surprise, it was for sale! In addition, it was basically in the same condition as when they sold it, as it had sat for many of those years. Money changed hands quickly and the truck was back in Brad’s garage.


Now that Brad had the truck back, it was time to get the F-100 where Brad envisioned it. Starting with the chassis, a late model Crown Victoria front sub frame was chosen to replace the old I-beam setup. Wanting a more adjustable ride height and an improvement in the handling characteristics of the CV, Brad contacted Andrew’s Tuning and Performance for a set of double adjustable Viking coilovers. Finding the stock CV brakes sufficient for the truck, Brad left well enough alone minus a manual Wilwood master cylinder and proportioning valve setup.

Once Brad had the frontend ironed out, it was time to get the rearend ready to grip the track. With that being said, the F-100 received a 4-link with coilovers as well. After the front and rear suspensions were fit and firm, the chassis was disassembled and sent out for a nice black powdercoated finish.

With the chassis back at his place, Brad was ready to reinstall the 460. Not wanting to skimp on anything, the engine was sent to Mark Whornor at Mark’s Automotive and Machine. The 1970 “DOVE” block remained at its stock 460 displacement including the stock crank, rods, and pistons. However, a hydraulic roller cam was installed to synchronize all the moving parts. Topping the short block was a set of ported and polished Ford cylinder heads with a Trick Flow intake guiding the air from the Quick Fuel 1050 carburetor to each cylinder.

To mount the 460 on the CV crossmember, Outcast Autoworks was called up for a set of its 460 to CV mounts. Wanting a “little more” when the skinny pedal is mashed to the floor at the track, a Nitrous Express nitrous kit was installed. Directing all the Big Block Ford power to the 9-inch rearend is a Broader Performance of Weatherford, Texas, C-6 transmission. A PTC converter was put in place to get things moving when put in drive and a trans-brake is utilized when at the track. The perfect exhaust note was obtained with a custom 3-inch exhaust system which included Hooker long tube headers and Black Widow mufflers. Transferring the power from the custom driveshaft to the rear tires, the Ford 9-inch contains chromoly 31 spline axles, 4.22 gears, and a Detroit Locker to keep things synched up. A summit Racing fuel cell was installed behind the rear axle to contain the go juice.


Moving on to the outside of the truck, Brad enlisted Preece Hot Rods and Customs to spray the truck in 2017 Ford Race Red. Keeping it basic, the stock sheetmetal remained stock other than filling the stake pockets on the top of the bedrails. After the paintjob that “pops” was complete, Brad installed factory Ford bumpers front and rear as well as a fresh factory grille and new marker lights and lenses. D’s Nuts LED headlights are lit when cruising after dark. Keeping the air from piling up in the bed at high speed is a custom bed cover tastefully painted in gloss black to match the bumpers. Topping off the look he was going for is a set of Weld RTS S-71 wheels measuring 17×5 up front and 15×11.25 out back. Tires are Mickey Thompson 28-6s and 29-13s respectively.

The factory steering column with a Grant steering wheel directs the F-100 through the turns.

Saving the interior for last, Brad went with Leo’s Seat Covers in McKinney, Texas, to bring the factory bench seat up to his comfort standards. Once the roll cage was completed by Wade Rowell at Rocking R Welding and Fabrication, race belts were installed to keep things safe on the track—and the streets for that matter. Before the seat was installed, sound deadening was installed on the floor, and then LMC carpet laid over that. LMC door panels refresh the inside of the doors along with new color-matched door handles and window cranks. While cruising or racing, Brad’s eyes focus on a Holly EFI Pro cluster to monitor speed and engine vitals. The factory steering column with a Grant steering wheel was used to direct the F-100 through the turns. With his left hand on the steering wheel, Brad’s right hand grips a B&M shifter to make sure the truck is in the go-fast gear.

 …Brad has cruised ‘Overkill,’ as he calls it, to local car events as well as made a few blasts down the track.

Since the three-year build has completed, Brad has cruised “Overkill,” as he calls it, to local car events as well as made a few blasts down the track. Brad would like to thank his father, Dennis Abercrombie, for teaching him everything he knows and his uncle, Graham Guthrie, for making him the hot rodder he is today.


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