Ford built its trucks to meet a certain standard back in the F-100 days. Now that we have all raised the bar on what we accept to be safe, reliable, and powerful, these old pickup trucks are simply useless as-is. We know that one of the biggest issues with modifying and restoring the classic Ford F-100 line of trucks is the knowledge base of parts that can be installed by pretty much anyone with basic mechanic know-how. So, we decided to help that cause by publishing some of the most reliable, installable, and affordable parts in the industry, specifically for F-100 trucks.

So, sit back and dig into the extensive list we put together. See anything you like? Have you used any of these parts in the past? Do you have plans to buy something on this list and install it yourself? We want to hear about your plans and keep up to date with your projects. Email us some pictures and information on your ride!

Ford Coyote 5.0 Billet Serpentine Kit

Ford Coyote 5.0 Billet Serpentine KitFord Coyote 5.0 Billet Serpentine KitAll American Billet Ford Coyote Serpentine Kits are an affordable option that take the guesswork out of your engine swap while adding power steering in one convenient, cost-effective package. The company’s kits come with the option of two different pulley styles: classic pulleys (no holes or cutouts) or All American’s original pulleys (with the triangular cutouts), at no additional charge. Each Ford Coyote Serpentine Kit includes:

  • Peanut-style A/C compressor
  • 175-amp alternator
  • GM Type II power steering pump with remote reservoir
  • 6061 aluminum brackets
  • Gates six-groove belt
  • Pulleys and spacers
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Instructions
  • Available in machined finish, polished and the company’s exclusive Silverline Series
  • Remote power steering reservoir only

All American Billet

Mustang S550 IRS Swap Coilover Kit

Mustang S550 IRS Swap Coilover KitThis is a full or partial kit to convert Mustang S550 IRS swap suspension to coilovers. This is most often used for F-100 pickups that have S550 IRS rear suspension installs. The full kit comes with Viking double adjustable coilovers with springs and mounting hardware along with upper mounting tabs to weld to your frame for mounting the coilovers in the correct location. The lower mount will mount in the original shock location on the lower control arm. This kit is also available without coilovers so you can use your preferred brand.

Andrews Tuning & Performance

’68-’72 Front Brake System for Stock Drum Spindles

’68-’72 Front Brake System for Stock Drum SpindlesThis system features the 6-piston, 6P caliper mounted to a 14-inch, two-piece slot, drill, zinc -plated rotor. The 6P caliper has DOT-compliant dust and weather seals and uses the popular D0731 pad type. Billet aluminum hubs come assembled with premium bearings packed with Redline synthetic grease and billet dust caps. Rotors are pre-assembled with NAS high grade stainless hardware. All mounting brackets, stainless braided hoses and hardware are also included. The 14-inch Pro+ is designed to fit most 18-inch or larger wheels

Baer Brakes

OE Bedside Assembly

OE Bedside AssemblyOE-style replacement shortbed bedsidesFord OE-style replacement shortbed bedsidesAuto Metal Direct now offers OE-style replacement shortbed bedsides, bed floors, and correct inner fenders for your ’73-’79 Ford truck. The company has always been your go-to brand for high quality premium body panels and restoration parts. This newest release has been a long time coming. Until now, ’73-’79 Ford truck guys have been lacking the proper, high-quality components they really need. AMD saw the void and are all over it with these bedside assemblies.

Auto Metal Direct

’67-’69 Stamped Aluminum Grille Shell

’67-’69 Stamped Aluminum Grille Shell1967 Stamped Aluminum Grille ShellAlthough the 1967 grille is visually different from the 1968-’69 grille, it is the same in the mounting. This grille is not correct for 1967 in appearance, but it does fit exactly like the original. It is a great replacement as 1967 grilles are not available in reproduction.

Features include:

  • Bright anodized finish
  • Stamped aluminum
  • Exact of original
  • Does not have red stripe on the center bar for Ranger trim package
  • Correct for 1968-’69 only, but will also fit 1967

Dennis Carpenter

’65-’66 Custom Cab Pickup VHX Instruments

’65-’66 Custom Cab Pickup VHX InstrumentsThe 1965-’66 Custom Cab F-Series trucks used a unique dash layout, straying from the large round opening found on earlier models. The VHX-65F-PU from Dakota Digital fits directly onto the rear side of the OEM- or reproduction-gauge bezel for a quick and painless installation while looking right at home in the coveted Custom Cab dash.

Fully lit needles, backlit faces, and highly visible LCD message centers are a few of the things you can see that set the VHX Series apart from yesterday’s traditional approach to instrumentation. A few of the features you don’t normally see are the micro-controlled precision stepper motors, solid state sensors for unparalleled accuracy, and user-customizable display feedback, all supported by an unrivaled limited lifetime warranty that has become the standard for Dakota Digital instrumentation systems. Completely engineered and manufactured at the company’s facility in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the VHX Series has completely revolutionized the instrumentation industry.

’67-’72 Ford Pickup RTX Instruments

Dakota Digital GaugesThis package makes use of your stock plastic or metal gauge bezel, and includes sensors for oil pressure, coolant temp, and speed. Should you find yourself with a Lightning or Coyote drivetrain, check out the BIM-01-2 OBD-II/CAN interface for simple connectivity. The LED bar graph tach positioned above the speedometer and twin TFT message centers keep the driver up to date in full color glory. Thanks to the Bluetooth technology and our free mobile app, you can change the LED backlighting colors with your mood.

Dakota Digital

Billet Hood Hinges for ’67-’72

Billet Hood HingesFeatures include: 

  • High strength, precision billet aluminum construction
  • Utilizes sealed bearings and stainless steel nitrogen gas struts for smooth operation
  • Bolt-on application for steel, fiberglass, or carbon fiber hoods (specify when ordering)
  • Available in raw machined or bright polished finish as well as a variety of fusion-coat and anodized colors
  • Sold in pairs
  • Made in the USA
  • Kits come standard with struts for a stock steel hood. If your vehicle has something other than a stock steel hood, when purchasing, specify in the order notes what type of hood you are using: aftermarket steel, fiberglass, or carbon fiber or if the hood has been modified in any way.

Eddie Motorsports

Fat Fender Garage Coyote Swap Radiator Flush Mount

Coyote Swap Radiator Flush MountFits ’67-’79 F-100 trucks with a flush mount core support.

  • 2WD or 4WD
  • Naturally aspirated; supports up to 500 hp
  • Forced induction; supports up to 2,000 hp and includes upgraded brushless SPAL fans. (Fan wiring harness for forced induction radiator is required; part #7-SBL-195KIT-2)
  • Includes 16LB billet aluminum cap

Fat Fender Garage

S-Drive Serpentine Pulley Kit

Eddie Motorsports’ S-Drive Serpentine Pulley KitEddie Motorsports’ S-Drive Serpentine Pulley Kits include everything to accessorize your small block Ford engine. Kits come complete with all the necessary precision CNC-machined billet aluminum brackets, pulleys, and a timing cover, which are made in the USA. They also include high quality, name brand components such as US Motor Works’ aluminum water pump, Sanden-style compact A/C compressor, Type II power steering pump with attached aluminum reservoir, and Powermaster’s 170A alternator. The kit is available in three black finishes with all black finished components. Specify steering type (power steering gearbox or rack and pinion) in the order notes when placing your order.

Eddie Motorsports

’61-’66 Complete Floor Assembly with Brace

National Parts Depot Floor Assembly with BraceDo you have a 1961-’66 Ford F-100/F-250 with a rusted-out floorpan? Well, lucky for you, National Parts Depot now has a complete floor assembly with bracing for your truck.

National Parts Depot

’67-’72 Ford F-100 FFG x Porterbuilt Chassis

Ford F-100 FFG x Porterbuilt ChassisFFG/PBF Custom Chassis features include:

  • Front dropmember
  • Inner frame stiffener
  • Control arms
  • Rear dropmember
  • Core support crossmember
  • Rear frame crossmember
  • Ball joints
  • Raised bed floor mounting brackets
  • Optima battery box (dual mounts with airbag chassis)
  • Flaming River rack-and-pinion-
  • Steering linkage
  • Rack-and-pinion hardware
  • Front and rear sway bars
  • Dominator/Firestone airbags, hardware, and shocks
  • Front brakes: 12-inch Wilwood drilled/slotted rotor on Wilwood Rotor and Spindle with Wilwood Caliper
  • Rear Brakes: 12-inch Wilwood brake kit

Fat Fender Garage

’57-’64 Power Brake Booster Kit

Power Brake Booster KitBuilt to precise specifications, these power booster kits will help your classic truck stop better than ever! The bolt-on kits mount to the original master cylinder mounting studs and use the factory pedal assembly. They come completely assembled ready to install.

Kit includes:

  • 8-inch power booster
  • Mounting brackets
  • 1.00: bore master cylinder
  • Proportioning valve (disc applications only)
  • Prop valve bracket and lines
  • Hardware
  • Lifetime warranty

Performance Online

Manual Brake Conversion Kit

Manual Brake Conversion Kitbrake master cylinder conversion kitThis manual brake master cylinder conversion kit for manual or automatic transmissions from Hutch’s Welding features a CNC billet firewall adapter plate that also serves as a reinforcement plate. Instead of directly bolting the master cylinder to a thin sheetmetal firewall, the plate spreads the load and reinforces the firewall.

It features a Wilwood Brake Master cylinder with built-in proportioning valve, hard lines, and brake psi switch, which is available in any bore. The kit also includes adjustable CNC billet pedals, if needed, and carries the same bolt pattern as the Wilwood pedal, a reverse dimple die-inspired design.

This can be used for any universal application hotrod, street vehicle, or race car/truck. Options available are in automatic or manual configurations that features different pedal sizing.

Hutch’s Welding

’61-’79 Firewall Bead Roll Filler Panels

Firewall Bead Roll Filler PanelsClean up your engine bay with Hutch’s Welding’s bead rolled filler panels. They’re made from 18g steel, and they can be welded or bolted on.

Hutch’s Welding

Billet Pedal Pads

Billet Pedal PadsThe pads feature black, adjustable CNC billet pedals (left to right), if needed, and carry the same bolt pattern as the Wilwood pedal. They include a reverse dimple-die inspired design. They can be used for any universal application hotrod, street vehicle, or race car/truck. Options available in automatic or manual configuration, which features different pedal sizing.

Hutch’s Welding

’65-’72 F-100 2WD Coyote Swap Engine Mount Kit

Coyote Swap Engine Mount KitThe 1965-1972 Ford F-100 can be upgraded to slip in a modern Ford Coyote engine from a Mustang GT or F-150 truck. This kit from Fat Fender Garage is designed to fit the 2011-2018 Coyote and be placed in your Ford truck using the factory suspension and power steering box. The kit also includes the transmission crossmember for the 6R80 or 10R80 automatic transmission. The engine is designed to sit in a factory location providing space for the power steering box. Due to the design of the power steering box location, headers can become an issue and custom headers may be needed.

The kit ships in raw steel and with all the hardware needed to install the motor and the transmission cross-member. Minor frame relief is required on the passenger side to accommodate the stock Coyote headers.

Features include:

  • Designed to install a Coyote engine in a stock 1967-1972 Ford pickup
  • Stock Gen 1 Coyote headers fit with minimal frame trimming on the passenger side
  • This kit is for 2X4 trucks only
  • Free shipping

Fat Fender Garage

’67-’72 Ford Style Half-Ton Tilt Column

Ford Style Half-Ton Tilt ColumnThis retrofit column is designed to fit your Ford truck and requires no pre-installation modifications to your original vehicle. This Ford-style column features a Ford top shaft and Ford wiring connectors. Pre-welded under-dash mounts come with all 1967-’72 columns and are designed to fit your application. Use an Ididit installation kit to replace your new steering column with the old. Add your OE steering wheel, and the gripping surface of the new wheel will be in the same location as the original. The shift pattern on these columns allows you to use either a 3- or 4-speed automatic transmission. The 1967-’72 column shifter comes complete with a neutral safety switch; a gear shift indicator is an option but not included. A shift linkage (new or original) is required for installation and will attach to the lower shift arm provided on the column.


’65-’72 Tucked Sport Bumper Brackets

Tucked Sport Bumper BracketsThese fabricated brackets will bolt a sport bumper onto your 1965-1972 F-100 in the factory frame rail location. They are designed to bring the bumper in closer to the bed by 1 inch and raised three-quarters inch. The mounting holes are slotted to help alleviate any poor QA from that era as well as accommodate the bedsides in case there’s a difference in each side. They are sold as a set and made from 3/16-inch P&O American steel. Shipped in raw steel.

Soulless Innovations

’67-’72 Complete Bed Assembly

Ford F-100 ’67-’72 Complete Bed AssemblyPremium bedsides from LMC Truck are produced from new tooling using 18-gauge, OE-quality steel as original for strength and durability to outperform current collision damage quality parts. Bedsides feature a professional EDP (Electro Deposit Primer) coating that offers a smooth surface that is ready for prep and paint.

Parts Descriptions and Parts Numbers

  • Bed Floor Assy Shortbed ’67-’72 Part #49-9918-T
  • Bed Floor Assy Longbed ’67-’72 Part #49-9919-T
  • Front Bed Panel Styleside We ’67-’72 • Part #49-8137
  • Bedside Assy Premium Left Hand Shortbed ’67-’69 • Part #49-9796-T
  • Bedside Assy Premium Right Hand Shortbed ’67-’69 • Part #49-9797-T
  • Bedside Assy Premium Left Hand Shortbed ’70-’72 • Part #49-9798-T
  • Bedside Assy Premium Right Hand Shortbed ’70-’72 • Part #49-9799-T
  • Wheel Well Housing Left or Right Side ’67-’72 • Part #49-8076
  • Tailgate with Letters Styleside ’67-’72 • Part #49-8337-T

LMC Truck

’61-’66 and ’67-’72 Hood Hinges

Ford F-100 Hood HingesHood Hinge parts for a Ford F-100These laser-cut hinges will let you lay out on 22-inch wheels or 30-inch tall tires and still allow enough room for custom wheel tubs. These do require the use of a hood prop, or you can fab up your own set of gas lift support mounts with the provided mounting holes.

Precision Laserworks

’61-’79 Crown Vic Swap Bolt -on Lower Control Arm Mounts

Lower Control Arm MountsThe mounts fit 2003-2011 Crown Victoria front suspensions swapped into the 1961-1979 Ford F-Series frames. They feature full bolt-on design; simply slide these mounts onto your CV lower control arms after you have mounted the cross member, drill a few half-inch holes, and bolt on. Precision MIG and TIG welded, they’re constructed of rigid steel cut with a quarter-inch water jet. All the necessary hardware, bushings, and alignment shim pack are included.

Note: These items are sold in bare steel finish with all necessary poly bushings, bolt sleeves and hardware to mount to frame. Factory lower control arm and nut is needed and will not be included with this sale.

Outcast Autoworks

’73-’79 Tucked Sport Bumper Brackets

 Tucked Sport Bumper BracketsThese brackets will bring that rear bumper in three-quarters inch for a sleek-looking rear. The mounting holes are slotted to help alleviate any poor QA from that era as well as accommodate the bedsides in case there’s a difference in each side. They are sold as a set and made from 3/16-inch P&O American steel.  Shipped in raw steel.

Soulless Innovations

Crown Vic Swap Adjustable Motor Mounts for Small Block

Adjustable Motor Mounts for Small BlockSmall Block ford Motor MountsThe kit includes driver and passenger side engine perch mounts that bolt to block, slide adjusting plates, hardened steel mounting hardware, and 90a polyurethane black bushings.

Features include:

  • Raw steel
  • 100% water jet cut and precision welded
  • Adjustable design for even more fine-tuning engine placement
  • Directly bolts to engine block without the need for factory motor mounts
  • Direct fit for Crown Vic swapped F-series Ford trucks
  • These mounts will sit a small block Ford in factory offset position aligning engine with firewall and trans tunnel in cab
  • Adaptable with lift spacers for use of all factory oil pans (front, dual and rear sump)
  • Able to use factory frame shifter linkage three on the tree and factory trans crossmember
  • Taller mounts to fit a front sump truck pan without the need for lift spacers are available

Outcast Autoworks

’65-’72 F-100 Front Suspension

Ford F-100 Front SuspensionDitch your twin I-beam front suspension for a completely new front end that has been engineered to make your truck handle while giving you the ride height adjustability to dial in the perfect stance—even with those larger wheels you’ve been eyeing!

  • 3.75 inches narrower than a Crown Vic, so fitment of larger wheels and tires is no longer an issue
  • 3-7 inches drop (3-5 inches with standard height style spindles, 5-7 inches with 2-inch drop spindles)
  • 150+ pounds lighter than stock
  • Bolt-in tubular design for ease of installation and strength
  • Adjustable coilover shocks to set the ride height and ride quality
  • Rack-and-pinion steering

To let you choose whichever engine you prefer, interchangeable engine mounts are available for Windsor, FE, LS, and Mod/Coyote engines. Also available is a front sway bar to add even more stability for aggressive handling performance.


Bolt-on ’65-’72 F-100 Cab Mounts

F-100 Cab MountsReplace your rusted or bent factory mounts without the need for welding. These, designed for ’65-’72 F-100s, are built from 3/16-inch P&O American steel to stand the test of time. Shipped in raw steel.

Soulless Innovations

’73-’79 Ford F-Series/1978-’79 Bronco with Factory Air V-8 SureFit

Gen IV Vintage Air kitThe Gen IV is Vintage Air’s most powerful and intelligent climate control system. The Gen IV uses an exclusive fully electronic microprocessor control system that eliminates cables or vacuum connections. Separate high-capacity copper parallel-flow heat coil and aluminum plate-and fin-cooling coils provide outstanding performance and instant temperature adjustments.

Complete kits include everything in the evaporator kit, plus all under-hood components such as compressor, engine brackets, condenser with brackets, preformed refrigerant lines, drier, fittings, hardware, and installation instructions.

Vintage Air

55-inch Deluxe Bench Seat

Deluxe Bench SeatTMI designed the bench seat to mimic the classic OEM design and updated it with a modern manufacturing process. Ready to bolt in with the appropriate mounting brackets, TMI bench seats restore your interior and complement your vehicle in the best way possible

TMI Products