two Land Rover Defender 90s

E.C.D. Unveils Bold Pair of Defender 90s

KISSIMMEE, Fla. (Dec. 13, 2022) – E.C.D. Automotive Design (E.C.D.), the world’s largest Land Rover restoration company famed for its one-of-one deluxe builds, ranging from classic Defenders to vintage Jaguar E-Types, today reveals a pair of outwardly identical, yet still completely unique convertible Defender 90s. Titled Project 67 and Project Flamingo, the soft top Defenders are powered with robust LS3 engines and are perfect for road trips with the whole family.
twin Land Rover Defender 90s
These trucks were designed by a pair of best friends.
“These trucks were designed by a pair of best friends side by side, and while the same base model, engine and paint color mean the Defenders look similar at first glance, the wildly different interiors showcase the wide range of options our clients can choose to make their dream one-of-one truck,” said Co-Founder of E.C.D. Scott Wallace. “Project 67 leans into the old-school feel of Defenders with black All American Tradition gauges, while Project Flamingo has a modern audio system that would satisfy even the pickiest of road trip DJs.”

Land Rover Defender 90s: Project 67 and Project Flamingo

From the outside, the utterly bespoke vintage Land Rover Defender 90s are nearly indistinguishable – from the 16-inch black deep-dish wheels with matching lug nuts underneath to the four LED spotlights on top of the roll cage. The sporting eggshell Keswick green exteriors are complimented with older Defenders’ black canvas roofs, the ideal background for family photos at any destination. Additional features the restored Defenders have in common include Borla Sport exhaust with one pipe on each side, 6-speed automatic transmission and EBC fast brakes.
green Land Rover Defender 90 tires
Both trucks sport 16-inch black deep-dish wheels with matching lug nuts underneath.
However, the similarities end there. Every E.C.D. custom Defender is an exclusive build that can never be replicated by another client. Project 67’s MOMO PROTOTIPO steering wheel and seats are wrapped in Cadence Moon Rock leather, while Project Flamingo is outfitted with Cadence Lentil seats and Nardi Challenge steering wheel. In the back, each LS3 Defender has ample space for friends and extended family to tag along on the next expedition. Project Flamingo’s load area holds one bench and two jump seats while Project 67 features two inward facing benches. A 110 V outlet, three USB ports, Kenwood eXcelon touchscreen and JBL speakers ensure entertaining rides in Project 67. Modern tech updates in Project Flamingo include a Kenwood eXcelon radio with Bluetooth, a JL sound system and CarPlay.

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