Keep Your 15-inch Billet Wheels and Upgrade Those Brakes

Are you old school? Do you want to keep your OG billet 15-inch sport-style truck wheels? It’s all possible now thanks to the partnership of Pro Performance and Baer Brakes with their all new 1150Kit. In an era where bigger is better, there’s a retro movement lurking below the surface—upgraded braking and performance with old-school looks. We all love the timeless styling and mechanical simplicity of the OBS platform but performance braking is not high on the list. Now there’s a simple solution.

Specifically designed to work with 15-inch wheels, the kit includes drilled and slotted front and rear rotors, pads, four flex lines, rear calipers, and mounting brackets. Additional recommended parts are rear axles seals, gear lube, front calipers, wheel bearings, and seals.

Installation is relatively straightforward using basic hand tools. It does require removing the rear axles to disassemble the original brake drum backing plates, but then it’s simply a matter reinstalling the axles and the new rear caliper brackets, rotor, and caliper loaded with the new pads. New stainless steel flex lines are included with all the necessary mounting hardware. The front is as simple as replacing the front rotors and pads. Wheel bearings and calipers can be replaced as required.

Upgrade your brakes, retain your cool wheels, and keep on truckin’!





Before you remove the front and rear wheels, support the vehicle with properly rated jack stands.
Starting with the front, it’s clear that these stock front brakes have served their purpose—but it’s time for them to go!
Remove the stock rotor, caliper, and flex line. Now’s a good time to clean up the backing plate and spindle in preparation for the new parts.
Install the included stainless steel flex line that included in the kit. Attach the line to the upper control arm with two small stainless steel clamps.
Install the new rotor caliper and Baer brake pads.
The first thing we can remove are the rear brake drums that just slide off. If the drum is seized to the axle, face tap the outer edge of the drum with a hammer to break It loose.
Remove and save stock bolts. Drain and recycle gear oil.  Thoroughly clean housing flange.
Remove the differential pin lock bolt from the earner. Most GM vehicles use 5/16-inch bolt head. It is best to use a six-point wrench on this as it may be very tight. Slide the pin out and retain for re­assembly as it is very important to keep your work area and the differential parts clean.
We highly recommend this rear brake conversion kit from AZ Pro Performance. Baer Brakes has a great name that synonymous with braking so we know that this is the perfect partnership for our favorite Chevy trucks.
Next, we can simply unbolt the housing for the brake drum and remove it. We will not be reusing this piece.
AZ Pro Performance supplies the brackets needed for this install, which makes it as easy as possible.
A quick coat of paint and the brackets are ready to install. The hardware comes with the kit and leaves two solid mounting locations for the caliper.

The final piece of the puzzle is the rear calipers. The mount to the new brackets and grip the rotor perfectly. This corner carver can stop on a dime, and we’re excited to test it out.
The kit includes new stainless rear brake lines. Attach them to the caliper, attach the mounting tab for the flex line to the rear end with the with the included hose clamp, and realign the factory brake line to match. It’s time to bleed the brakes.
Reconnect the factory emergency brake cable.
Reinstall the 15-inch wheels. 
The new brakes fit perfectly
—it’s time to drive!


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