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Behind the Scenes at Eddie Motorsports

Have you heard of our buddy Eddie? If not, have we got a story for you! In January 1993, Ed Borges founded Eddie Marine as a distributor of marine hardware to marine dealers, OEM boat builders and retail customers. With years of hard work and dedication, Eddie Marine became the leading manufacturer of high-quality performance marine hardware in the world.
That’s impressive and surprising to some, as many of us only know the company-now known as Eddie Motorsports, Inc.-as producers of high-quality billet aluminum brackets and add-ons for classic Ford and Chevy trucks. That’s because in 2009, Eddie Marine extended its offerings to the custom truck industry, which made a super-fast impact in our massive community. Even though at that time the crew had never built an award-winning show car, they did know how to manufacture American-made billet parts. Now Eddie Motorsports is known for producing products at prices that are equal to or better than those inferior, imported knockoffs flooding today’s aftermarket.
Eddie Motorsports has been in business for 11 years now with an impressive history that has helped make a massive impact in the industry. As the company progresses in this journey, it will continue to develop products that are high in quality and made in America at an affordable price. Now let’s go behind the scenes at the amazing facility.

The first thing you see when you walk into Eddie Motorsports’ amazing showroom is shiny metal for days! It’s a true candy shop for any hardcore gearhead. It’s hard not to swipe our credit card for everything we want!

Eddie Motorsports S-Drive pulleys are one of its most popular items, and this polished setup is like fancy jewelry for your engine bay. It’s so shiny!

Of course, we had to get a shot of this steering wheel display. We installed one in our Project Raven C10, and the fit and finish is second to none. The company even makes adapters for most pre-1995 trucks.

Whoa! We had no idea how big this operation was until now. That’s impressive. Just another reason it’s safe to have trust in this company before ordering your parts. Made in America!

Helping to make all things possible at Eddie Motorsports are the resources of its sister company, Eddie Machine. The 28,000-square-foot state-of-the-art machine shop has 19 CNC mills and six CNC lathes that literally run full time, producing some of the coolest billet aluminum products you can imagine for boats, cars, motorcycles, limousines and even airplanes!

All of Eddie Motorsports products start life as a single block of billet aluminum. They are cut to size and set next to the CNC machine that corresponds to the final product they are currently producing.

Once the machine has finished its job, the pieces are stacked and prepped for finishing. Some get polished and some get coated. Whatever your desire, they can make it happen!

Additionally, through the company’s Fusioncoat program, Eddie offers sandblasting, powdercoating and ceramic coating on all the parts it produces. Besides the standard powdercoat colors, Eddie offer hundreds of custom colors for an additional charge. For ceramic coating exhaust components like headers, it offers two finishes: Matte Black and Bright Silver.

The company’s steering wheel selection is impressive to say the least. It was awesome to see these items get produced in front of our eyes, and we highly recommend you ask for a tour if you’re ever in the area. Be sure to check out the next C10 Builder’s Guide for our steering wheel install on Project Raven.

In-house research and development give the crew at Eddie Motorsports the ability to produce perfectly fit products and quality control. CAD files are accurate, but exact on-site measurements give zero chance for error.

You know you want your engine to look like this. Save your coins and order your Eddie Motorsports pulley kit ASAP. Pop the hood at your local car show and just watch those jaws drop.

Now that’s a lot of inventory. Did you have any idea this company was so massive and well organized? We didn’t give it enough credit in the past!