The supercharged C10 Stepside build is getting a brand-new interior this week! But first, we kick off the work on the LS C10 by throwing a nice patina paint job on the bed box for our Airlift performance compressors and air management kit. We also chop into our fenders, to get the proper clearance to turn the wheels since the truck is now slammed all the way on the ground. Once we get some work on the exterior done, we make our way into the interior by mounting up our steering column, and while we’re hanging out under the dash, we’re getting our Restomod AC hooked up. That Restomod won’t work as efficiently if the cab isn’t insulated, so we’re throwing down the Restomod membrane and tossing our new carpet over it before we start bolting in our brand-new TMI bench seat. Not only does this new bench seat look good, it feels great too as you sit on it, looking out over the new Dakota digital dash!