The 39th Annual F-100 Western Nationals

Bump Sides and Dent Sides Steal the Show

You know summer has finally arrived in SoCal when it’s time for the F-100 Western Nationals presented by Pickups Limited of Orange County. Held June 25, 2022, with temperatures hovering at 90, nothing could stop more than 200 beautiful F-100s from cruising in to the Canyon RV Park in Anaheim, California. Not only that, but the day before the show, Pickups Limited also held a Friday afternoon cruise called the Annual Western National Mystery Cruise in nearby Yorba Linda.

In the past, fat fenders have typically starred in this show, but surprisingly, the casting has changed this year. While everyone’s rides gathered together in all shapes, sizes, and colors, bump sides and dent sides took over the view. The Herencia truck club, in particular, displayed an impressive 30-plus dent sides, showing off the unique style and character of these classics.

However, my favorite part of the show was the incredible lineup of crew cabs. Roman from @keepn_it_classic and his crew rolled in deep with their vast collection of crew cabs and 4x4s. Dave Tumino (@davescrewcab) took home Best of Show with his stunning 1960s fridge crew cab. It presented a gorgeous, traditional two-toned paint job with a 2010 GT 500 motor backed by a 6R80 trans. I am confident this beauty of a crew cab will be a highlight in the pages of an F-100 Builder’s Guide soon!

Overall, this show races up the road to my top 10. You will definitely spot me cruising over to the F-100 Western Nationals year after year.


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