The Texas-Made 1969 custom C10

While everyone has their favorite, the popularity of the second-generation C10 has been booming for the past few years especially. The car guy in me feels like as current vehicles become chock full of new features, tech, screens, and modern-day “amenities” that car makers feel drivers might “NEED” in 2022, many car enthusiasts actually enjoy the simplicity of this era. Clean classic body lines, a basic radio if any, no ECUs or computers running every single system of the engine… just simple and clean, fun. 

For Rafael Peña II, it is simple why he chose this platform; he says, “I have wanted to build a truck like this for a very long time, I’ve always liked this style of truck.”

That is a plenty good enough reason for us here at C10 BG, and as you can see, the man did it up right! He stayed with many of the classic themes of the C10 from factory, yet also tied in some new-age touches in all the right places.

To jump back in time a bit, let’s discuss how this beautiful truck came to be in its current state. Rafael’s son Adrian found the truck on Craigslist in Conroe, Texas, about four years ago, as they had been hunting for the right one to use for a father-and-son project. Upon finding this truck, a 1969 Chevrolet C10, Rafael made the trip from Lufkin, Texas, to bring it back home. The C10 was originally all white from the factory, which looked good, but did not quite meet the vision that they had for the truck. Rafael knew he wanted a two-tone paint job on the truck. To get that change in progress, they took it to Gamboas Paint and Body in Redland, Texas.  Rafael chose a two-tone of metallic blue and white paint. After he made the hard decision of color, the Gamboas crew got to work on the truck, and it was stripped down to the bare metal. Once that entire process was done, the ’60s Chevrolet was primed and, before he knew it, the two colors were applied to the body of the truck. After the truck left paint, it headed to Woodville to get the original in-line six engine swapped out for a built 383 stroker motor, which was installed by Thomas McGinty.

As you know, that is not the end of the truck build that you see before you now, so there is more to the story. After the engine work was complete, it headed to get the custom suspension setup. This was done by Jory Muckleroy Chicken House Chop Shop in Nacogdoches… you guessed it, TEXAS. See a theme yet? Texas built. A new rear of the chassis was installed, which included a 4-link and Watt’s-link, along with chopping block tubular A-arms on front with the complete air suspension system on all four corners.

Later, a classy touch was added to the time-capsule truck—a wood bed installed by Chicken House Chop Shop. Add that to the bed was painted to match the truck by Raul from Suavecitos Custom Paint and Body.

Saving you some deeper details as you read along, Rafael had to work on the engine bay some, a custom firewall, and then knocking out an incredible interior with Snowden guts.

 A new rear of the chassis was installed, which included a 4-link and Watt’s-link,  along with chopping block tubular A-arms on front with the complete air suspension system on all 4 corners. 

“The building process was a little slow, but me and my son have enjoyed putting it together,” Rafael says. He wants to give special shout outs to Jory Muckleroy, Gamboa’s paint, Thomas McGinty, Raul Hernandez, Snowden seats, and his family at Team-Billet ETX chapter. Lastly, and most importantly, Rafael wants to thank his son Adrian Peña IV and his biggest fan and supporter his loving wife. Catch this truck at shows all over Texas and beyond as it’s truly a family affair for the Peña team!




Rafael Pena II
1969 Chevrolet C10
Lufkin, Texas
Team Billet


  • Choppin’ Block upper and lower control arms
  • Thor bros 4-link super lift
  • Flat plate watts link
  • Air Lift Performance D2600 ‘bags front and rear
  • Suspension by Jory Muckleroy @ Chicken House Chop Shop
  • Steering box from an 1985 square body
  • DNA Motoring aluminum 20- gallon fuel cell gas tank
  • Summit racing master cylinder
  • CPP disk brakes front and rear


  • 383 Stroker Edelbrock Crate Engine 6.27L
  • Edelbrock Victor 215 aluminum heads
  • CBC Ported Edelbrock Intake
  • Crane roller rockers
  • Top scat H beam 6 inch rods
  • Forged JE pistons crank and 800 carb.
  • Engine by Thomas McGindy in Woodville TX
  • Hooker Headers
  • 3-inch Flowmaster rear exit Exhaust
  • 1998 350 Transmission


  • 22×9 and 22×12-inch Intro Ralley billet wheels
  • Paint & Body:
  • Custom PPG blue and original chevy white two-tone
  • Gamboa’s Paint and Body painted truck
  • Suavecito Customs painted the bed


  • Snowden custom black vinyl seat
  • 18-inch chrome ABS steering wheel
  • OEM Stereo


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