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The Land Rover Defender has always been the British marque’s rugged utilitarian box. But what if you stripped it down further and swapped the engine with an electric powertrain? Then you get Bollinger Motor’s upcoming B2 EV truck.

Last week, the company published a series of tweets showcasing what its all-electric truck will look like. And based on the renderings, it’s not a bad piece of kit.

The B2 is the pickup truck version of the B1, which is also an all-electric EV in SUV guise. In case you need a recap, here’s what they look like:

B1 SUV on the left, B2 pickup on the right

Both are categorized as class 3 work trucks, but the B2 is slightly longer at 207.5 inches long, or 233 inches with the tailgate down.

The B2’s double cab is also versatile enough to hold large cargo. With the rear glass folded up, the 5’5” bed can accommodate loads up to 8 feet long.

 As for the latest renders, customers can see what a stripped-down version will look like. When not hauling 4×8 plywood, the trucks can be transformed into offroad beasts with tubeframe doors, roof racks, floodlights, spare tire overkills, and… jerry cans? Whatever.

Both the B1 and B2 get their motivation from two electric motors, one for each axle in an AWD setup, and pushing out a combined 614hp and 668 lb-ft of torque. The 12okWh battery is good for 200 miles, though the range could be extended in the stripped-down version.

The B1 was supposed to be delivered this year, but delays in the production process have pushed it back to 2020. But with its refreshing no-frills look and rugged simplicity reminiscent of the Bronco and Defender, we can wait a little bit longer.