C10s Make Their Mark

Stage three of the Street Trucks Showoff Series was an absolute success thanks to the hard-working members on our team here at Engaged Media, as well as the crew at Auto Metal Direct. Gainesville, Georgia, seems like an odd place to hold an outdoor truck show during the month of December, but we decided to move forward anyway to incorporate our year-end award ceremony.

This was the first time we ever attempted a live award ceremony and, although there were a few hiccups, we consider it a success and something we can learn from. The weather definitely gave us some problems, but the real hard-core truck guys stuck it out and competed throughout the entire weekend. The field of trucks varied from all makes and models, although Chevy C10s were clearly the frontrunner and took the most spots in the show field by far.

The winning truck ended up being in OBS Chevy, although both second and third place were Chevy C10s. One truck was built at home by the owner in his garage, and another Squarebody was built by Goolsby Customs as a giveaway truck for the Goodguys association. We had plenty of fun activities out there, including a chainsaw carver that impressed everyone, as well as Santa Claus to greet all the children.

This was a first for us with the award ceremony, and we hope to do this again this year. Maybe we can get a few of the winners out at the event to collect their awards in person! Check out some of the photos from the event, and be sure to follow along as we announce dates for the 2022 Showoff.