Twin turbo, Coyote powered ’63 Ford F-100 bagged on 18s!


The Hutch’s Welding “shop truck” is a constantly evolving work in progress. Originally built on a budget as a parts truck and daily beater, this ’63 Ford has evolved into an F-100 testing ground and R&D guinea pig for new parts and crazy ideas.

In Harvey’s latest round of additions, he built a full DIY back-half and air-ride kit that will be available to order soon. Going a step further, Harvey boxed the frame with HW tubular stiffeners, and what a difference he said it makes.

Of course, the biggest overhaul to this little parts getter happens to be a full twin-turbo coyote swap peaking under the hood. Hutch used a PBH coyote swap kit and built the wild turbo setup you see pictured here. That’s probably our favorite mod on the Hutch Welding WIP, but Harv’s favorite happens to be the WORK wheels directly from Japan. He actually scored these from a long-time friend who had them on his s14 back in 2010.

Just for fun one day, he decided to try putting the wheels on the truck not expecting that they would look as good as they do! 

“When I first saw these wheels,” he says, “I had to have them!”

Fast forward to 2015 and he was able to score them with intentions to build another 300z or something to put them on. But when he built the truck out to its latest rendition, he used Ford components that use 5×4.5 bolt pattern, which is the same as 5×114.3. Just for fun one day, he decided to try putting the wheels on the truck not expecting that they would look as good as they do! He was honestly surprised at how well they worked on this performance-minded build, so they stuck and tie Harv’s JDM roots together with his classic truck passion.

As you may notice in these feature photos, it was a rather festive Fourth of July. Since everything was closed down, Harv wanted to do something fun, so decided to make his own fireworks show! He went out and welded up his own flagpole that goes into the hitch receiver, got the biggest American flag he could find at the local Home Depot, and went to town with his own spark show! We love this guy, and now you can see why. Check out for more and stay tuned for more right here in FBG mag.



Harvey Hutch
’63 Ford F-100
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Engine & Drivetrain

  • PBH coyote swap kit
  • 2012 Ford Mustang GT coyote engine
  • Fluid twin turbo kit with Magnum turbos
  • Custom HW Titanium Intake pipe
  • Gt500 Tremec 6-speed trans, Mcleod twin disc clutch
  • Ford Explorer rearend
  • Custom fuel tank
  • Holley drop-in efi hat

Chassis & Suspension

  • Notched CV front, Fat Man narrowed control arms
  • Boxed and dimple died factory frame, rolled tube frame stiffeners.
  • Hutch’s Welding DIY back half kit, triangulated heim 4-link, step notch
  • AccuAir management
  • Slam Specialties ss6 front and ss7 rear ‘bags
  • Viking double adjustable shocks
  • Stock disc CV front and Explorer discs rear
  • Hutch’s Welding manual brake conversion and billet brake pedals

Wheels & Tires

  • Work Meister S1 18×9.5 and 18x11s
  • 215/40/18 and 265/35/18 Toyos

Body & Paint

  • Factory exterior cleaned up a bit and primed brick red

Interior & Stereo

  • Retro Sounds upgrades

Special Thanks from Owner
Shout out to all my friends and family, my girl Jade for putting up with all this truck crap, and everyone who has ever supported me along the way.


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