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Detailing Our Plan of Attack on This 1965 Chevy C10

UNREACHABLE STANDARDS AND UNREALISTIC “BUDGET” BUILDS HAVE DISCONNECTED SOME MEDIA COMPANIES FROM THEIR GENERAL AUDIENCE OVER THE PAST YEARS, WHICH CAN UPSET SOME LOYAL READERS AND SUPPORTERS. To connect with the every-man, we feel it’s far more important to set reachable goals and affordable budgets on our project trucks so you all can be motivated to finally order those parts and start wrenching on yours.

This year’s C10 project is called “The Raven” as it will be a daily-driven intimidation machine, capable of consistent use with enough peddle power to soar down the streets. A 1965 Chevrolet is not the most common year to restore and modify, but the style of the hood and those hips had us hooked. Along with the simplicity of the suspension and drivetrain comes a long line of aftermarket parts from many of the incredible manufacturers that advertise with us. From pricey frame swaps to simple lowering kits, almost anything is available for these classic trucks. It’s no wonder that the C10 community is so strong and knowledgeable.


The plan for this pickup is simple: a budget of $15,000 and using nothing but bolt-on, factory replacement parts that you can order yourself and install, if you have the time and tools, of course. I know this may be out of budget for some readers, but to build a truly reliable daily-driven classic truck, there is a price to pay. On this build we will be testing out Classic Performance Products’ all new Totally Tubular control arms and coilovers for a static yet adjustable suspension in the front and rear. Along with the new suspension will be upgraded hydraulic brake assist with 13-inch rotors and hydro-boost, also from Classic Performance Products. The truck already has a rough-running 350ci small-block in it, so we will simply add a new FiTech electronic fuel injection system to make this bird chip all day. A perfect fit fuel cell from Performance Online will allow us to remove the factory tank in the cabin and new motor mounts, also from Performance Online, will take out the shimmy and shake.


Classic Performance’s power steering conversion kit is a thing of beauty, and we will show you the steps to installing it on your own. This is an upgrade you can perform at any time on a show truck you may already own. The benefits are undeniable and once you go power, you never go back. The factory steering column will also be swapped out so we can use a tilt column shifter.

The centerpiece for most builds is the wheels and tires, so we decided to go fully custom and order a set of 22-inch Delray wheels that will be painted to match the interior color of the cabin. These raw rollers are 9 inches wide, and they all share a backspace of 4.5 inches. For rubber, we went with 265-35- 22 Toyo Proxes ST III at all four corners, giving us the option of rotating our tires in the future if needed. Speaking of rubber, Steele Rubber Products sent a complete new rubber seal kit for the doors and glass, which will be added when we start on the exterior. AMD Direct has new steel body panels for this year’s C10, so we spent the remainder of the budget getting a hood, fender and door skin.

Check out our detailed breakdown of all the parts we have ready to go and follow up on this build on the next issue of C10 Builder’s Guide. Additional in-depth articles will be in Street Trucks magazine as well, so be sure to subscribe and enjoy!

’63-’70 C10 Complete Front Coilover Conversion Kit – Part #6387FCO-K: $1,599

A complete front coilover conversion kit from CPP will be installed, which includes dual-adjustable coilover shocks, the adjustable spanner wrench, bearing kit and CPP’s Totally Tubular upper and lower control arms. All the mounting brackets and hardware for a simple bolt-on installation come with the kit.

Kits feature Totally Tubular upper and lower control arms, front dual-adjustable shocks, specially designed conical springs and mounting hardware.

Stage 2: Front Control Arms

CPP’s Totally Tubular control arm sets are designed to add 5 degrees of caster while providing full wheel travel and minimal friction possible. They are made from thick tubing to eliminate distortion from welding and hard use. The bushings are made from self-lubricating non-squeak patented plastic that will outlast any rubber or urethane.

Each control arm has billet 4140-alloy steel cross shafts and sleeves that are zinc plated for lasting performance. The sleeves have an interlocking design that prevents the hardware from ever working loose. Designed for a simple bolt-in installation with no modification required. They work with all factory and replacement power steering systems, and with or without O.E. bump stops.

They include ball joints specific for 1963-70 or 1971-87 applications. Dual-adjustable shocks have separate adjustments for compression and rebound, and their thrust bearings make adjusting spring preload easy. All CPP products have a lifetime warranty.

These new coil-overs will give us an adjustable ride height from standard height to a 3-inch drop. This allows a full 5-1/2-inch drop when combined with CPP’s modular drop spindles. The coilover upgrade kits are available for use with factory control arms, or they can be purchased as a complete kit.

The rear coilover kit offers a full 5-inchs of ride height adjustment (Stock height to a 5-inch drop) and they are specifically designed to work with CPP’s rear C-notch kits.

Classic Performance Power Steering Conversion Kits – Part #CPP6366PSK-S: $749

These power steering conversion kits include a new power steering box ready to bolt to the frame and all the additional components needed to complete the task. Call the sales team at CPP and let them know your desired ride height before ordering so you are sure to get the correct kit. Power steering is a must have on any resto-mod so stay tuned to our next issue for tips and tricks on installing this setup.

Street Beast Hydraulic Brake Assist Systems – Part #6366HBK-SB: $851

A high-quality, direct bolt-in hydraulic brake assist system is mandatory on any daily-driven classic truck and Classic Performance Products has designed its systems to include everything you need to install into your vehicle. Most hydraulic brake installations can be accomplished in an afternoon, using common hand tools, with average mechanical skill levels. Using all new parts, this unit puts out an amazing 1800psi at the wheels. We will go over these steps in the next issue.

Kit includes a direct fit, high performance, hydraulic brake assist unit; braided stainless or rubber; high pressure line set; heavy duty power steering return line; pedal rod; and mounting hardware.

FiTech Fuel Delivery Kits – Part #40005: $297.99

Get fuel where you need it to go using one of these FiTech fuel delivery kits. They include an upgraded 255 lph external electric fuel pump for engines making up to 600 hp. A 20-foot section of EFI grade fuel hose is provided—suitable for both inlet and return hoses between the fuel tank and the engine. The FiTech fuel delivery kits also feature two billet aluminum fuel filters, push lock hose ends and a mounting clamp for the electric pump.

Polished Aluminum Brake Pedal with Vertical Inserts – Part #POL8213-BK: $29.99

It includes brake pedal pad, hardware and a limited lifetime warranty.

Hyperfuel Tight-Fit Fuel Pressure Regulators – Part #44120: $99.99

Hyperfuel Tight-Fit fuel pressure regulators are designed for applications where space is a concern. They’re able to support up to 1,000 hp and can handle high-flow EFI fuel pumps. Small space? The big answer is a Hyperfuel Tight-Fit fuel pressure regulator.

Polished Aluminum Gas Pedal with Vertical Inserts – Part #POL8208: $55.99

Performance Online designed these right. Ball-milled aluminum gas pedal that has a spring-loaded pad like OEM design. The removable lower arm is splined for versatility in mounting to the right or left of the mounting bracket. The shaft and arm are a one-piece design, requiring no pins.

Part# TC-6772-SB: $365

Along with the new power steering, we will be replacing the old factory steering column with this new five-way adjusting tilt column from CPP. Made from a steel 2-inch tube for automatic column shift and all floor shift applications, columns come with ¾-inch-36 output shafts and accept any 1967-94 GM steering wheel or aftermarket adapter. These shift columns come with both three-speed and four-speed shift indicators.

Modular Drop Spindle Upgrade Wheel Kit – Part #6370SWBK-55213R: $1,154

This 13-inch big brake front system uses a cross-drilled, gas-slotted and zinc-washed rotor that is mounted to a 2024 T6 billet aluminum CNC machined anodized hub. A PBR C15 caliper is then attached to the CPP modular drop spindle with its custom caliper mounting brackets.

PBR C15 calipers have twin 52 mm pistons and a larger brake pad surface area that offers about 60 percent more stopping power in the caliper than the popular C5 caliper at half the cost.

The 13-inch upgrade wheel kits include spindles, 13-inch rotors, aluminum hubs, loaded calipers, caliper mount brackets, bearings and seals, spindle nuts, banjo bolts, rubber brake hoses, upper and lower ball joints, inner and outer tie rod ends and custom tie rod adjuster sleeves. power steering return line; pedal rod; and mounting hardware.

12-inch Rear C10 Disc Brake Kit – Part #6366RWBK-5- P12R: $754

CPP’s rear system uses a 12-inch crossdrilled, gas-slotted and zinc-washed rotor that mounts to the factory axle with longer studs supplied, and mates up to a Lincoln Continental emergency brake style caliper mounted to the rear axle housing with a CPP custom caliper mounting bracket. Most kits also include hard lines and e-brake cables. These kits work with original rear ends as well as the Ford 9-inch.

Black Anodized Billet Aluminum Door Handle Set – Part #POL2100- BK: $24.99

These billet door handles are also one of POL’s hot new products. Sold as a set.

Five-Lug Rear Axle Conversion Kits – Part #6369RAC-5: $289

Converting your C10 to five-lug is easier than ever thanks to this new CPP conversion kit. These new five-lug axles will install directly into your six-lug rear end and come pre-drilled with a 5×5 Chevrolet truck bolt pattern. The axle can accept 1971-72 truck drums and use the existing brake hardware if that’s the route you want to go. Available as a complete kit with axles, wheel studs and new brake drums, or the pieces may be bought separately.

New seals will be needed when we replace the body panels and get ready for paint. For more than 50 years, Steele Rubber Products has made rubber parts and weather-stripping using Lynn H. Steele’s proven method of manufacturing parts by hand and developing new parts by using only originals and detailed research.

Weather-strip, hood to cowl seal.
Approximately 57 inches of extruded rubber. Replaces factory #3761920. Part #70-1446- 43; price: $28.50 each

Rear window gasket weather-strip set containing the rear window gasket itself and the locking strip. Both strips come in a 13-foot, 1-inch piece and mount around the full perimeter of the back glass. Designed from original part so it fits correctly. Replaces factory #3847414, 3847415. Part #60-0182-83; price: $84.90 per set 

Front door weather-strip seal kit seals both doors to the body with all necessary parts in one kit. Set includes five quality parts: complete door edge seal, lower door seals and gravel shield to bumper seals. Part #90-0151-72; price: $134.

The windshield gasket is designed from the original part for superior fitment and seal. The seal mounts around the full perimeter of the front glass and has vulcanized, or bonded, ends, which means no cutting or splicing is required for installation. Replaces factory #3794940. Part #70-1702-50; price: $94.50 each

Side window run channel kit, eightpiece set, includes run channel and beltline weather-strip. Note: this is for vehicles with black bead. Part #70-2489-58; price: $204.50 per set

Front door vent window weatherstrip is a four-piece set that contains the main vent window seals and division post seals. The division post seals contain a brass core for durability and easy installation. Replaces factory #3794815, 3794816. Part #60-0577-55; price: $121

AMD Direct OE Style Hood For 62-66 Chevy Trucks – Part #300-4062: $899.99

The access point to the heart of your truck, the hood is often the point of design that develops the rest of the proportions, shapes and angles of the rest of the vehicle. Auto Metal Direct now offers steel OE replacement hoods for the 1962-1966 Chevy C/K pickup trucks. Known for top quality OE style sheetmetal, AMD has a target set on GM trucks and delivering the best possible product to keep these classics on the road for years to come. Frequently dented and rusted due to years of faithful service, the truck hood can be a great place to start on a restoration. Stamped from high quality heavy gauge steel, each piece features correct as original size, shape, bends, stake pocket braces and holes. Arrives EDP coated to help protect against rust and corrosion.

FiTech HyperFuel Single Pump Regulated G-Surge Tank – Part #40009: $379.99

The Hyperfuel single pump regulated G-surge tank is designed to be used in vehicles that have fuel starvation issues when being used in extreme lateral G-force environments. Typically, this is due to poor fuel tank baffing in the existing fuel tank. The G-surge eliminates that problem. The pump in the G-surge never gets uncovered because it receives a steady supply of fuel from your existing fuel system. The built-in regulator eliminates the need for an external regulator. So, whether you are racing, off-roading, or just cruising, the G-surge will keep your system supplied with a constant flow of fuel.

1963-67 Chevy Tubular Engine Mount Brackets – Part #ECM63671: $129

With an engine conversion like The Raven has, you want to be sure the motor mounts are designed for you application or problems will arise. Performance Online now offers tubular V-8 engine mount brackets for 1963-67 Chevy and GMC trucks. These mounts are built to exceed the strength of the old-style factory stamped motor mounts. These tubular engine mounts bolt into the factory holes and allow you to convert to a V-8 or upgrade your old V-8 mount to the much more common Camaro, Chevelle and Nova motor mount pad. These brackets also allow for use with the popular HEI ignition setups and can be used with both small blocks and big blocks. Kit includes black powder coated tubular engine brackets, engine motor mounts and all mounting hardware.

22×9-inch Detroit Steel Wheels Delray Rims – Part #DELRAY: $1,699.99

The new CPP big brake kits requires a 17-inch diameter or larger disc brake type wheels for clearance so new wheels were ordered. Proudly made and assembled in the USA, Detroit Steel Wheels are commonly known as the Original Steelie Wheel. With the wheels being such an important part of any build we decided to go fully custom and order a set of 22-inch Delray wheels that we will be painted to match the interior color of the cabin. These raw rollers are 9 inches wide, and they all share a backspace of 4.5 inches.

Billet Aluminum 1963-72 Chevy Driveshaft Carrier Bearing with Poly-Urethane Insulator – Part #BCB-6372: $125.99

These Billet Aluminum driveshaft carrier bearings with polyurethane insulators are available for 1963-72 Chevy-GMC trucks from Performance Online. Built to precise specifications, these high-tech carrier bearings tremendously outlast the OE rubber types. From T6061 aluminum with low deflection poly-urethane insulator and precision bearings, these items can handle much more horsepower and torque than the cheap factory replacements.

Black Drop-Down Battery Box – Part #SDBB24B: $99

This new stainless-steel drop-down battery box from Performance Online is designed for group-24 batteries and allows you to mount your battery on the frame. You can also replace your existing frame-mount battery box with one of these newly improved stainless-steel battery boxes. It features stainless-steel construction and drop-out bottom for maintenance, accepts Optima and group 24 batteries (L:10-1/4”, W: 6-13/16”, H: 8-7/8”), and allows battery to drop down 4-inches for access.

19-Gallon Aluminum Fuel Gas Tank Combo Kit – Part #AGT6366-XX: $561

A new lightweight aluminum gas tank from Performance Online is going to replace our factory gas tank in the cab. These tanks are designed to fit between the frame rail and rearward of the axle on 1963-66 Chevy and GMC trucks. By moving the fuel tank out of the cab, you gain much needed room to allow for further customization, and it also increases fuel capacity and safety. These tanks are made of heavy gauge aluminum and offer a lightweight, fully baffed design. Vent bung size is ¼-inch NPT, Fuel feed bung size is 3/8-inch NPT.

Kit includes 19-gallon aluminum fuel tank, mounting straps, fuel filler hose, 30 OHM sending unit, stainless fuel cap, top fitting ¼-inch pipe and pick-up (bottom) fitting 3/8-inch pipe.

Go EFI Classic 650HP System – Part #30020: $995

Loving the look of this all new Go EFI Classic in the classic carburetor gold finish. FiTech EFI is now reverting back to the old school classic look while maintaining its innovative award-winning patented design. This revolutionary fuel injection system allows you to maintain the classic carburetor look while eliminating cold start issues, hesitation, vapor lock and flooding. This innovative classic design hides the injectors and has an externally mounted ECU so it can be mounted wherever you want to ensure a true carburetor look is maintained. The Go EFI Classic is a self-tuning fuel injection system rated for up to 650hp. The more you drive the more it adapts to your personal style. So, it is perfect for your everyday driver, your weekend street machine or your bracket racer.

Truck Tubular Transmission Crossmember – Part #TCM7387: $69.99

Performance Online’s Chevy and GMC truck tubular transmission crossmembers mount in the factory location and allow the exhaust to run above it for more ground clearance on lowered applications. This crossmember is a direct replacement for the TH350 or 400, and will also work with the 200r4, 700r4, 4L60E and others. Also allows pan removal without removing crossmember, which is a must for the enthusiast looking to upgrade their old three-speed manual transmission. Kit includes transmission crossmember, powdercoated black finish, mounting hardware and a limited lifetime warranty.

265x35x22 Toyo Proxes ST III: $899.99

With the goal of a daily driver, we needed tires that would last long and ride great. The Proxes ST III is the perfect balance of dynamic looks and sportoriented performance for trucks and SUVs. With a wider tread and a silica-based tread compound, the Proxes ST III stops up to 6 feet sooner in wet conditions while delivering superb handling, excellent all-season performance, consistent wear and a smooth, quiet ride, now backed by a 40,000-mile warranty.