MAKING SOMETHING OLD LOOK NEW IS NOTHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY IN TODAY’S FAST-PACED SOCIETY. Nowadays you can hire a professional to handle just about any automotive-related task that you need done, and if you pay enough, timeframes can be shortened dramatically. Along with hundreds of YouTube channels dedicated to this kind of subject, your options are vaster than ever before to build your truck the way you want it with the budget that’s available to you. Sure, we all want big billet wheels and yardstick paint jobs, (paint so deep you can see all 12 inches of a standing yardstick in the reflection), but sometimes our dollars are fewer than our desires.

Case in point with this 1970 Chevy C 10 that is currently rocking a set of 15-inch steelie wheels with pop-on dome center caps and a set of 255-70-15 tires. The truck looks clean and fun, but the thrill of the cruise just can’t be felt with those big bubbly tires. The paint on this truck is smooth and clean, so adding some custom pinstripes should enhance the appearance for an affordable price. With the help of our go-to experts at A-1 Tire and Wheel, we were able to choose the perfect fitting rim and rubber package that requires no spacers or special modifications. This truck was already lowered with BellTech Suspension components, so a few measurements had to be made before any orders were placed.

Vision Wheels and Atturo Tires are our combo of choice, and we think they fit this truck perfectly. A little classic and a little hot rod, just the way Chevy envisioned it in the ’60s, or so we assume. Check out the steps below and be sure to email or message us with any questions that come up.

With 15-inch steel wheels and dome styled center caps, this 1970 Chevy C10 looks cool, but it’s dated in design. Thick side walls and soft suspension ride nice and smooth, but the owner of this one wanted to feel the road and hit the corners with some speed.


Vision Wheel has been in business for over 40 years now. The company constantly looks beyond the current trends to the future in developing and manufacturing trend-setting designs. We chose the chrome Vision Legend 6 wheel in 22×9.5-inch to maintain a classic truck style while adding the modern trend of filling your wheel well with big chrome. Vision Wheel guarantees the quality with a lifetime structural warranty along with a one-year warranty for the finish.


The Atturo Az800 is an ultra-highperformance tire designed with a directional tread pattern and aggressive flamed sidewall style that has performance engineering beneath the surface. A silica-based tread compound makes for excellent traction and long tread life. Atturo tires are produced with HA-free oils meeting the EU REACH standard and is certified for all global markets. A jointless tread ply technology allows for high speed durability and a rim guard provides protection against curb damage to custom wheels.

The guys at A1 Tire and Suspension took quick care of the mounting and balancing making sure we have two left and two right directional tires. The wheels are all the same size with the same off set so no guesswork needed.

We went with a 305-40-22 in the back and a 295-30-22 in the front to clear at full U-turn. Staggered and directional tires take away the option for rotating, but it’s not a daily driver anyway.

What a difference already. For less than a couple grand we were able to completely restyle this outdated C10. Now let’s add some paint.

With the truck in the bay at Full Pen Fab, Pinstripe Mikey can wheel in his box of tricks and get to work. The process is fascinating, and the profession is in high demand. If you have ever wanted to learn this tradition of laying lines, follow Mikey and reach out to say hi.

As with any paint process, cleaning is the first step every time. Denatured alcohol is the go-to chemical for this process after cleaning the surface with wax and grease remover. Preparing the surface is as critical as anything else. Not too hot, not too cold; and definitely no dust.

Leaving it to the pro, we let Mikey choose the two primary colors for this set of stripes. Vermilion orange and cream from 1-Shot paint were his choices, and once it’s all done, you will see why these guys known their art.

Symmetrical lines don’t come easy, and in order to make them perfect, Mikey lays down a straight guideline on either side of our hood’s center crease. Next, he laid horizontal lines, which give him a bit of a mental grid to work on.

Pinstriping brushes have several different designs, including swords, daggers and flats, as well as double-line brushes. The brush consists of a small wood dowel handle, string or brass fixture with adhesive, and brush hairs traditionally made from squirrel hair, commonly confused as camel hair. The small wood dowel is balanced so pinstripers can freely spin the brush between their fingers, and it has a short length so the brush does not hit the palm of the hand. The hair of a pinstriping brush is relatively long at approximately 2 inches, which is necessary to pull a long line.

With the first few lines of paint laid out, Mikey gave us a great tip for new beginners. Start with your non-dominant side, so when you’re matching the opposite you’re not covering it with your arm.

Using his arm for measurements and his years of experience, Mikey is able to visually lay out the lines in the right spot.

Here you can see the completed first color. Both sides match like a mirror.

The rear pillars were also treated to some color as well as under the door handle. Tip from the pro: Do all the same color spots first so you’re not cleaning your brush too many times.

To match the driver’s side to the passenger side, Mikey used some hand measurements and tech tricks, including taking a photo and reversing it on screen.

Next up is a second color for some additional pop. Fire Red from 1-Shot is the color of choice and Mikey added it to each location.

The smallest changes can sometime make the biggest impact. We love this design under the door handle.

To finish it off, Mikey decided to add a third color of black and we agree it looks great. Check out the finished product.

Now his attention is focused on the tailgate of the truck where a custom hand-painted logo will be added. A centerline is made, and white a white stabilo pencil is used to sketch the logo. Nothing other than practice and experience can help with this part, so get out there and try.

Working from back to front in the design, Mikey painted the letters gray and the skull white so there is a slight contract between the two.

As color is set down, you slowly see the design come to life, but it’s not until the black outlining and shadows start that you can truly appreciate the art.

Once the logo is complete, Mikey added some quick black flames to both sides, which is exactly what this design needed.

The deeper you look, the more you see. Pinstripe Mikey is extremely talented, and we hope you let him know your thoughts when you see his out at events.