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Colorado/Canyon Supercharger Kits

Edelbrock E-Force Colorado/Canyon Stage 1 street-legal supercharger kits are exclusively tailored to boost the performance of your popular midsized truck. If you opted for the “best in class” horsepower of the V-6 but wish you had more towing capability and torque, these kits allow you to have the best of both worlds with 340 hp and 303 ft-lbs of torque. Each of these E-Force superchargers increases the V-6’s engine power output by 24% and are designed to fit under your stock Colorado/Canyon hood—with no modifications.

Summit Racing Equipment

Special features of these Edelbrock E-Force Stage 1 supercharger kits:

  • Eaton R1740 rotor assembly with an integrated air-to-water intercooler core and front-mount heat exchanger for low inlet air temperature and increased power
  • Durable black powdercoat finish that blends nicely into the engine compartment
  • Integrated bypass valve for maximum fuel efficiency
  • True bolt-on installation with no modification to stock hood or body
  • Self-contained oiling system with a 100,000-mile service interval
  • 3-year/36,000-mile powertrain warranty coverage, when applicable
  • Full-color step-by-step instructions

Compact Tandem Master Cylinder

Wilwood’s Compact Tandem Integral Reservoir master cylinders provide a stylish, high-performance solution for pressure actuation and fluid control on both manual and power boosted applications, especially when space is limited. The lightweight, high pressure, die-cast aluminum body measures 6.55 inches overall length from the mounting flange with an overall height of 3.03 inches from the piston bore centerline to the top.Units are available in two finish options and four bore sizes (7/8 inch, 15/16 inch, 1 inch and 1 1/8 inches), with a full 1.12-inch stroke capacity to match the volume output of the larger body master cylinders. Each master cylinder is sold separately or in a kit that includes an adjustable proportioning valve block assembly.


Diesel Studs!

ARP has developed head studs for the 2.8L Duramax that are made of a proprietary ARP2000 steel alloy, through-hardened to a tensile strength of 220,000 psi, with threads rolled after heat-treat to provide a tenfold increase in fatigue life. They provide extra clamping force to maintain required combustion chamber sealing and have an extra margin of safety. Now available as ARP’s part number 230-4203, the GM 2.8L Duramax head stud kit includes a set of studs (hex broached for easy installation or removal), 12-point nuts, parallel-ground washers and packet of ARP Ultra Torque fastener lubricant.


Two-Piece Timing for LS Engines

These CVR two-piece timing covers have a removable upper cover so you can adjust cam timing or do a cam swap without removing the entire cover. The CNC-machined covers work with both single and double roller timing chains and use the OEM crank seal and gaskets. An O-ring and stainless-steel hardware are included.

Summit Racing Equipment

Timing Covers for Gen III LS Engines with Rear-Mounted Cam Sensor

These covers feature an optional passenger side -8 AN female O-ring port for an oil return line. They come in your choice of natural-finish cast aluminum or billet aluminum with a clear or black hard-anodized finish.

Two-Piece Timing Covers for Gen IV LS Engines with Cam Sensor in Cover

These covers fit Gen IV LS engines with a front cam sensor except those equipped with variable cam timing or displacement on demand. They have an optional passenger side -8 AN female O-ring port for an oil return line. The come in your choice of natural-finish cast aluminum or billet aluminum with a clear or black hard-anodized finish.

Squarebody OE Cowl

When it comes to fixing up your beloved Squarebody truck, you have quite a few options. Knowing the differences between multiple companies that offer the same products can be a process all unto itself. Auto Metal Direct has you covered. With a track record of offering the best products on the market, the experts of its R&D department have put out some of the best body panel replacements to date. The company’s new ’73-’87 Squarebody program is no exception.

The latest offering: an OE-style cowl vent panel replacement for the ’81-’86 Chevy GMC C/K Trucks, ’87-’91 Chevy GMC R/V Trucks and ’81-’91 Blazers Jimmys and Suburbans. Stamped from high-quality heavy-gauge steel on new tools, each piece features the correct shape, size, bends, holes and curves, like original. They’re EDP coated to help protect against rust and corrosion. AMD continues to support GM truck enthusiasts and restoration professionals alike in its continued growth of quality GM truck parts. These OE quality components from AMD are the perfect touch to your restoration.

Auto Metal Direct

Secretaudio SST-V

With Custom Autosound’s Stealth Sound Technology, the SST-V is equipped with Bluetooth for streaming your favorite tunes and hands-free use of your cell phone.

The SST-V is a 200-watt AM/FM radio with USB MP3/WMA flash drive, iPod control, CD control and satellite-ready via Bluetooth auxiliary. Featuring “RF” (radio frequency) remote control, it’s designed for street rods and classics. The SST-V hideaway radio gives a classic car or truck exceptional audio quality while leaving the dash and original radio visible in the dash. The SST-V receiver/amplifier unit is usually hidden underneath the driver’s seat or behind the dashboard and integrates with the vehicle’s speaker system.

If the speakers are for a mono radio, they should be replaced with Custom Autosound DVC speakers or dual speakers.

Custom Autosound Mfg., Inc.


  • Bluetooth
  • USB MP3/WMA flash drive player
  • Direct CD changer control (Custom Autosound CD player sold separately)
  • Subwoofer pre-out
  • Five selection EQ curves: pop/jazz/classic/beat/rock
  • 200-watt AM/FM stealth audio solution (50W x 4)
  • Alpha-numeric LCD display (shows artist/song titles on iPod/USB/satellite)
  • Four-channel 3V RCA pre-outs
  • Four-way fader
  • Zero memory current draw (no car battery drain when not in use)