For truck builders, lifted or lowered, Lonestar Throwdown (LST) is one of the most highly anticipated shows regardless of where you call home. Rapidly growing in size every year, LST is one of the largest shows in the nation. For many, this will be the biggest event owners and show-goers will have the chance to attend during each show season, if not the largest they have ever taken part in thus far. With 2,500 trucks, SUVs and cars in attendance this year, the staff actually had to start turning away vehicles because they had hit capacity at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Conroe, Texas, where the show is held.

If you have never attended LST before, this year may have been overwhelming. The number of trucks and vehicles in general that were at this show could be compared to SEMA. Jaw-dropping builds of all types were placed side by side, covering every square foot of the Montgomery County Fairgrounds. With more than 13,000 spectators attending the show, it’s easy to see why builders come from all coasts to display their rides and catch up with good friends. The show has grown at a rapid rate, increasing by an additional 700-plus vehicles in 2016 from the 1,800 who attended in 2015.


The main reason Todd “Radar” Hendrix and Lonnie Ford started this show was to bring back the feeling of the older shows they remembered having attended in the past. Sitting back and relaxing with friends while trucks cruise the show, having a few beers and enjoying the company of other builders and enthusiasts alike was all that they wanted. Needless to say, years later it’s obvious they have achieved and even surpassed their goal. With show awards going to the Top 75 builds and also a few of the Best Of builds, it’s an understatement to say that the judges and LST staff had their work cut out for them picking the elite few from such a large pool of quality vehicles.

From ’bagged and bodied trucks to trucks lifted high enough that owners needed a step-ladder to get into them, Lonestar Throwdown has something for everyone. The attendees at Lonestar Throwdown are a family because a community that stays together will always be stronger than a group of owners who are afraid to mingle.

Editor’s Note: A version of this article first appeared in the June 2016 print issue of Street Trucks.