Its’ a no-brainer, if you want to check out a good classic car show, any Goodguys Rod and Custom Association event is a sure bet. The crew has built up a respectable following among classic truck owners and it shows. Go to any of these events and you’ll get the chance to gaze upon a sea of old school vehicles, including some of the best trucks in the scene.

This is one bitchin’ truck!

The greatest thing about the Goodguys series of shows is that no matter where you’re located it’s extremely likely that an event is happening near you. If you find that the closest show is a day’s drive away, we recommend taking a trip to see all of the action. It was almost a six-hour drive for us, but it was worth it. Nestled in the Bay Area, Pleasanton, California, is the perfect place to hold this summertime event. Not only is the city nice, but the weather usually mirrors the city’s name. This time around, though, it was unusually hot and humid.

Held at the Alameda County Fairground, the show was packed to the brim with killer rides. The venue was excellent because the layout was broken down into sections, making it interesting to stroll through. In the front, we found show vehicles lined up on the grass, and in the back, there were even more vehicles and a swap meet. In the middle of it all was an autocross course where several trucks competed for bragging rights.

By the end of the weekend we were pretty worn out, but we left entranced. There were so many different vehicles to ogle that it got our gears spinning about ideas for our personal rides. We were definitely hooked and will be visiting more of these events in the future. For more info, visit

The Pinstriper’s Brush Bash brought out a collection of local talent who threw down some sick lines.