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The new Silverado has a killer design and we want to make it look even tougher! Luckily for us, MaxTrac Suspension just released a new spindle-based lift kit to raise the front end a smooth 3.5 inches. This is a complete bolt-on design and we think you can handle the installation on your own. All you need are some basic tools, general mechanical knowledge and a free weekend to crank on some bolts.
MaxTrac Suspension recommends using an 18×9-inch wheel with a 5.5-inch backspacing. Any wheel that is wider or has less backspacing, such as deep-dish wheels, can possibly cause component failure and will void the warranty. MaxTrac Suspension also recommends using a maximum of a 35×12.50 tire when installing the spindle only. If you decide to combine their strut spacer with this spindle, you can comfortably clear a 37×12.50 tire.

The truck we are working on is a brand new 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 2WD. First things first, we need to jack up the front of the vehicle and add support under the frame rails with jack stands. Never work under a hydraulic jack alone!

Remove the nut attaching the outer tie rod to the steering knuckle and then break loose by hitting the side of the spindle with a hammer right at the joint. NOTE: Never hit the tie rod on the threads.

Unbolt both the brake line bracket and the ABS line bracket from the neck of the spindle and separate. Save the bolts for use during installation.

Unbolt both bolts attaching the brake caliper and support the brake caliper up out of the way. NOTE: Never allow the brake caliper to hang by the brake line.

 Unbolt the rotor retainer screw and remove the brake rotor.

Unbolt the front side ABS wire bracket and the ABS sensor mounting bolt, and then remove the sensor. Drape the sensor up out of the way so it does not get damaged during the installation.

Remove the wheel bearing by unbolting all four mounting bolts and set the bearing off to the side. The retainer plate from the back side can be discarded.

Loosen but do not remove the nuts for the upper and lower ball joints.

Break each ball joint loose by hitting the side of the spindle, right at the ball joint, with a hammer. The nut will catch the spindle, and then remove both nuts and the spindle. NOTE: Never hit the ball joint on the threads.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the new lift spindle and the OEM factory unit.

Attach the new spindle to the control arms using the factory nuts and tighten. NOTE: If you have installed a strut spacer, then the use of a floor jack to compress the suspension will help in attaching the spindle.

 Using a dental pic or a small screwdriver, remove the “O” ring from the hub bore in the factory spindle and re-install it into the hub bore of the new spindle.

Locate the factory dust shield and mark a cut out about ?-inch down from the lower brake caliper ear opening. Using a suitable cutting device, cut out this marked section and clean up the edges.

Install the wheel bearing along with the factory dust shield using the factory bolts and tighten.

Slide the rotor onto the wheel studs and attach it to the hub using the factory retainer bolt.

Install the brake caliper using the factory bolts and tighten.

Attach the ABS sensor and the guide bracket just above it using factory M6 bolts and tighten. NOTE: We took a break to get both spindles powdercoated before completing the installation. Sorry to confuse you.

Attach the factory brake line bracket to the provided D1 bracket using the provided M6 bolt, nut and washer. Next, attach the bracket to the spindle using a factory M6 bolt and tighten both.

 Neatly guide the ABS and brake pad sensor wires up the neck of the spindle and attach them to the upper mounting hole using the provided ?-inch loom clamps and a factory M6 bolt.

Install the ABS sensor into the spindle using the factory bolt and tighten. Next, attach the two factory guide brackets to the neck of the spindle using a factory M6 bolt at each.

Using the provided ?-inch loom clamp, attach the ABS wire to the top of the brake caliper side of the neck of the spindle using a factory M6 bolt.

Attach the tie rod to the spindle using the factory nut and tighten.

Here is a side by side before-and-after comparison.




  • Make sure to check the vehicle’s toe before driving.
  • The headlights should be adjusted after modifying the stance of the vehicle.
  • The vehicle’s alignment will need to be adjusted.
  • All suspension components should be re-torqued after 500 miles.