In previous issues of C10 builders guide we have gone over many different tech topics including air conditioning, brakes, and even shortening the length of your bed. But what about for the guys that want to build a nice daily driver from an old classic truck that they have in their backyard? Well that’s where we turn our attention to in this issue as we follow along as Sean from A1 tires and suspension bolts a new BDS lift kit onto his 1987 Chevy square body. With this project, he was looking to have a nice daily driver that’s reliable tough but still super cool looking. As a dealer for BTS, he knows how simple it is to order a kit and bolted on in less than a day. A quick swap of some leaf springs and some trick steering brackets make this project something anyone can do in their driveway with the proper tools and patience.

The beauty of these old square body Chevy’s for a lifted truck fan is the simplicity of lease springs in front and rear. Simply swap out the springs and shocks, add a lift block underneath and you’re basically good to go. Sure, it’s not going to ride nearly as well as those coil over converted diesel rigs we see posted up at national events, but the price is right and the engineering is on point.

Four wheels and tires, Sean went with a 20 x 12 Moto metal M0986 siege wheel in chrome with a +44 offset. In order to clear these modern wheels on a classic truck, 2 inch wheel spacers will be needed at all four corners. For tires, Sean really need did something that would last long, perform well but also look the part. The new Yokohama go lander MT was his choice in rubber and after seeing them in person, we were extremely impressed. Eight 37 x 13 50 on a 20 inch wheel will give Sean plenty of sidewall to not worry about curbing his wheels and in our opinion, the wheel to tire ratio on this combination is perfect on his square. The high density compound that these tires are made out of along with a wide flat profile help these tires perform as good as they look, but don’t take our word for it. Follow along as we hover over his shoulder for the entire process.

Yokohama Tire
BDS suspension
Moto Metal wheels
Extang bed covers

As you can see in this picture, there’s not a whole lot to this lift kit. Lease springs shocks blocks in U bolts pretty much complete the package. Along with a new pic me an alarm in steering arm to help control the front end.

The 20 x 12“ wheels and 37 inch tires really give it that old-school lifted truck look with a nice new modern touch.

Moto metal is extremely popular in the lifted truck industry since their designs are very appealing and their product quality is exceptional. The center cap on this wheel is removable so we are certain it will clear the front hubs. They come in glass black machined or chrome and feature a deep lip mesh design with nice details around the lip. They weigh around 43 pounds each which is pretty common for a cast wheel.

The Yokohama Geolander MNT has an innovative thread pattern in triple polymer compound which provides outstanding grip whether you’re on the road or off road. The rock shield Geo shield construction is engineered to withstand punishment from even the most brutal trail while having an advanced pitch vibration for a quieter smoother highway ride. Triple polymer compound and a wide flat profile combined for an exceptional wear performance. Best of all, Yokohama has a 30 day trial satisfaction guarantee, so go out, try a set and let us know your thoughts.

Sean’s 1987 Chevy Squarebody has been in his backyard for many years just waiting for the right time to shine. Not only will hit this truck beginning a lift, wheels, tires and a truck bed cover. In future issues we plan to completely re-coat this truck with a DIY patina and give it a few engine upgrades that is all dog deserves.

We’ve all seen a set of lease springs get installed so there’s no real point in getting too detailed. As long as your trucks secured and your axle is on the stands, Just a few bolts are needed to be swapped.



Additionally, Sean ordered a new set of heavy duty front shackles from all through a design to replace his factory ones. The stock shackles on these old trucks leave a lot to be desired and they are the most common weak link in its suspension. The shackle increases the both size and the side plate thickness for strength and durability.

The new fox shocks replace the factory shocks in the factory locations. Both factory installed upper and lower shock mounts are utilized from the axle to the frame.

To handle the steering on this newly lifted Chevy, BDS supplies a steering linkage bracket and put me an alarm that will allow for the frame and engine to be raised away from the Axles while still maintaining for turning radius.

Here you can see the Pitman arm installed along with the steering linkage.

New brake line extensions are also required and the hardest part of this process is re-bleeding the brakes.

In order to clear these new modern high offset wheels on this old classic truck. 2 inch wheel spacers will be installed at all four corners. This not only provide clearance but also gives the truck a cool wide stance look.

The completed front end is simple and secure. Shocks brake line extensions steering bracket and leave springs are all installed and ready for some rubber

As you can see, these new go lander tires are quite impressive and will make a statement on pretty much any truck

Luckily for Sean, he happens to be an excellent mount and balance tech as well. It didn’t take too much weight to get these things on point and they should ride straight and true after a new alignment.

When they say they’re 37 inches tall they mean it!

Boating on the front wheels is always an exciting part until you realize you still have to do the back.

Again a simple swap of lease springs, some new shocks and wheel spacers are all that needed to be swapped before he can install the new wheels and tires in the rear.

Before Sean put the blocks in the rear he decided to have a look at it as it serves. With the new wheels it gives it a nice rake to look in the rear and the truck looks fast sitting still.

Last thing before this truck can hit the road is a new truck bed cover from Extang.

The trifecta 2.0 is the latest version of their best selling soft trifold cover. Softer curves and a sleek design and create a smoother and more contoured low profile appearance.

There John grip clamps attached directly to the bed flange without any damage world circulation to your bed caps.

These easy lock clamps require minimal effort to operate and self lock in position when attached to the flange.

The tarp is constructed of heavy duty leather green fabric with an integrated corner talks system for improved tension and a great look.