WHAT’S WORSE THAN EVENLY LIFTING A 55-year-old steel hood with the factory installed hood hinges? Having one fall on your hand while you’re working on the engine. I’m sure you’ve been there a time or two as well. These spring-style hinges are never smooth and sometimes cause your hood to open one side at a time. Dousing them with WD-40 is always a viable option, but if you plan to open your hood at truck shows or cruise nights, we recommend replacing them and never questioning their reliability again.

Eddie Motorsports manufactures billet aluminum hood hinges for most models of Chevrolet and Ford muscle cars as well as some trucks. The hinges are CNC machined from solid chunks of 6061-T6 billet aluminum in the USA at the company’s Southern California facility. The hinges utilize a stainless-steel nitrogen-filled strut in place of the inferior stock compression springs to actuate the hood. The hinges use high quality sealed ball bearings at all pivot points for an ultra-smooth and reliable operation. Available with a raw machined look like we chose, a bright polished finish or a wide variety of anodized and Fusioncoated colors. They’re designed as direct fit, “bolt on” units that utilize the stock mounting holes with elongated slots for ease of gap adjustment. Let’s see how easy they are to install!

These billet aluminum hood hinges are designed for 1960-66 Chevy Trucks. Precision billet aluminum construction provides heavy-duty strength to hold up your steel hood. The needle bearings and stainless-steel nitrogen gas struts guarantee a smooth operation. These are completely bolt-on and engineered for steel, fiberglass or carbon fiber hoods. They’re available in raw machined or bright polished finish as well as a variety of Fusioncoat and anodized colors. Best part of all, they are 100% made in the USA. In the next issue we will install Eddie Motorsports’ beautiful steering wheel.

The factory installed hinges are well built but ugly as anything. Luckily, they simply unbolt once you take the spring off.

To remove the spring, Jason propped up the hood and used a pry bar to release the tension.

Now that the spring is removed, he can remove the bolts that are holding the hinge. We used a block of wood to keep the hood in place while we change the hinge. This way we won’t have to realign the hood when we’re done.

With the hood secure, he can unbolt the hinge from the hood and the fender. That old steel is heavy, so be sure you have something strong holding it up!

The new hood hinges from Eddie Motorsports look amazing and line up to the factory holes perfectly. Just use the new hardware provided in the kit for a clean and simple install.

Working on one side at a time will make things easier when realigning the hood, and you don’t have to use your head to hold up the hood while your installing the bolts.

These hinges are so nice! The machined billet aluminum it looks really cool next to the old original paint.

The final step is to clip on the stainless-steel nitrogen gas struts, followed by a retainer clip that ensures that the shock won’t pop off.

The end result is a stunning piece of hardware that will attract anyone’s eye when you pop the hood. Functional and flawless.