Backlash: Joel Crookshank's Hi Life with a 1992 Toyota Hilux

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Bako's Finest: The Red Hot Nissan Frontier Transformation

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Inside the Macabre Makeover of a 2006 GMC Sierra

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19th Annual Turkey Drag: Where Show, Cruise, and Relaxation Converge

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Back to Life! The Rebirth of a 2004 Chevy Silverado 3500 Dually

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Rising Star at SEMA! Boneyard Bailey's Stunning 1976 C10

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Infectious Style: Ivan Zavala’s Full-Size Mini-Truck Transformation

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Golden Boy Lance LaQuay's Stunning 1968 Chevy C10 CST

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Custom Excellence! Team Billet's GMC Sierra Build

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Project Green Giant! Restoring a 1976 F-250 Highboy to Its Former Glory

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A Father-Daughter Duo Crafts a Unique 1993 Ford F-150 Lightning

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