A Family Gathering You Don’t Want to Miss!

Year after year, people from all over the country come out to a small town in Texas to take it over with their classic Chevy trucks. Waxahachie is the meeting ground for one of the year’s best C10 shows packed with some of the best builds around. It’s almost overwhelming pulling up to Getzendaner Memorial Park because you don’t know where to start—even the parking lot has hidden gems that didn’t make it in!

The show is pre-reg only with a limited amount of spots. Tickets almost always sell out within the hour of opening registration. So, yes, even the parking lot is chock full of some rad rides that are just as worthy as some in the show field. Actually, one of our favorite parts of the show is cruising through the parking just to see which badass C10s might be sprinkled there.

This year wasn’t any different, with old schools as far as the eye can see with some variety for everybody. From restomods, daily drivers, big-billet wheel setups, racing, and even lowrider-inspired, it’s hard not to have a couple favorites toward the end of the day. It’s definitely a show where people catch up and just relax for hours. The only trouble is keeping up with the Texas heat and finding a shady spot to hang out.

As the years go by, the show keeps getting better and better with more and more brands, shops, and vendors coming out to give their support. This is an event you don’t want to miss. Make sure to add it to your calendar and stay in the loop at C10sinthePark.com.

C10s in the park

Registration is sold out, but spectators are free to attend
When: September 16, 2023
Where: Getzendaner Memorial Park in Waxahachie, Texas
More Info: c10sinthepark.com