A letter from the the editor | Chris Hamilton

Living the Life and Printing the Passion

With all the constant change and uncertainty going on in the world today, media companies as a whole are learning to quickly process the new guidelines and proactively evolve their business models to stay ahead of the curve. Street Trucks is no different. To provide you with more content and less downtime, we have made investments in many different platforms, including digital-exclusive editorial, unique video and now live streaming!

We have already produced our first live-streamed event during the 2020 Pro Touring truck shootout in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We ran into a few snags, but by the end of the weekend we had a great stream up and running with live commentary and embedded commercials. We were able to stream for the entire weekend, switching between four separate camera angles with graphic overlays for the event sponsors. All the action was available to watch on Facebook Live, YouTube and even directly on our website. Miss the last event? No problem! We are releasing highlight videos all month long, including drone coverage and more. Head over to YouTube and search “Street Trucks.”

Not only were we able to check out this exciting new event, but we were also able to get a rare exclusive opportunity to drive two very similar trucks with one extremely noticeable difference. This was not so much a visual comparison as it was a drivability test. One truck had a full Speedtech-built chassis and the other truck had a complete No Limit frame. Would that actually make a difference? The answer is yes! We will explain in an upcoming issue, so stay tuned.

So, where should we head next? Drop us your suggestion over email, website or pm on social media. Hope to see you all out there!