Toyota teases Tacoma with matching Tacoma overlanding trailer

The SEMA overlanding build has everything, even a kitchen sink

Toyota is teasing an overlanding trailer for the Tacoma called the Sport Trailer. You might notice that it bears a striking resemblance to the Tacoma itself, or at least the back half of it. Toyota has shown us one overlanding concept for SEMA already, but what if you want even more first-world amenities when you’re out in the wilderness?

The Sport Trailer appears to approximately double the hauling capacity of the Tacoma, and the project managers rattle off a laundry list of mod cons the Sport Trailer affords them: propane, running hot water, toilet, stove, freezer, and more (though probably not a hot dog roller). The term “glamping” is used without shame.

Though details won’t be revealed until its appearance at the virtual SEMA Show later this month, the trailer looks like it houses a folding tent that sits atop an extremely sturdy rack system. Though made from a short bed, it has a custom-fabbed triangular extension with pull-outs to store a freezer. Yes, the Sport Trailer appears to have electrical power as well, to run the cooler as you’re driving. When you’re parked, though, power comes from a Yamaha generator (Toyota owns a controlling stake in Yamaha).

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Jeep Gladiator Top Dog Concept will let you cook hot dogs anywhere you want

We’re not sure what the hot dog roller has to do with the truck’s mountain biking focus

Jeep just put together the mountain biking enthusiast’s dream off-roading truck. It’s called the Jeep Gladiator Top Dog Concept, and it essentially takes a huge number of off-the-shelf Jeep Performance Parts (JPP) and slaps them on a single Gladiator in pursuit of a mountain biking theme.

The big area of change is the bed. Jeep removed the standard bed in favor of a custom PCOR flatbed storage system. It’s loaded to the brim with features. The driver’s side features a battery-powered refrigerator and electric hot dog roller grille (because apparently there’s nothing bikers love more than a good dog after a hard day of riding?). The passenger side has pull-out drawers, lighting switches and extra power supplies.

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GMC Hummer EV could have had the Chevrolet Avalanche’s Midgate

Packaging constraints doomed the feature

One of the many rumors swirling around the GMC Hummer EV claimed the truck would resurrect the Midgate inaugurated by the original Chevrolet Avalanche. Although we now know there’s no way to fully knock down the partition between the cab and the cargo box, the firm revealed the rumor wasn’t entirely false.

“There was [a Midgate] early on. We opted for the functionality of the drop glass in the back. With the package layout and things like that, it was not advantageous to pursue that one. And, the five-foot bed was kind of the industry standard in regards to price of entry in that segment,” explained John Mack, the Hummer’s exterior design management, during an interview with Muscle Car & Trucks.

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