With all of our attention on getting the DeLorean running, the EV C10 ready for a pushrod suspension, and the twin turbo Chevelle prepped for its mirror image Garretts, ChaChing has taken a bit of a back seat. So this week, we’re showing her some love and upgrading our suspension so we can get back to driving this patina truck like it was built to. To start, we’re pulling out our Accuair system and installing a new manifold and ECU from Air Lift. This should give our air ride system the reliability it needs to handle all the power we’re putting down. We’re following that up with a brand new billet Watts link that our friend JC Customs made for us! This will stop our back end from tracking once we step on that gas pedal. With all this in place, we’re prepped and ready for Clean Culture’s January event at PBIR where we’ll be doing burnouts and hopefully taking a pass or two down the quarter mile! —————————————————————————–

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