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Dress-Up and Performance Upgrades for LS Engine Swaps 

Maybe you’ve just started an LS engine project for your truck given the extra downtime we’ve all experienced recently, or perhaps you’ve had an engine build already in progress. Whatever category you fall into, your project can definitely benefit from some of these new products designed specifically for LS engine builds and swaps. Some are meant to improve the visual appeal of the engine while others are designed solely to produce breakneck speed and pure gains in power. 

If you’re looking to add either of those qualities (hopefully both) to your LS engine swap, start planning the next phase(s) of your project here. With the LS platform being such a reliable and powerful addition to classic truck models, as well as slick swap into more modern pickups, the wide variety of available aftermarket products is seemingly endless. From shiny dress-up parts to aggressive go-fast goods, it’s all here for you to make the most of your continuing or upcoming LS swap project. It’s a big job, but one that is well deserving of the investments of both time and money.  Follow along, take some notes and start wrenching! The road to a rippin’ and roarin’ LS engine has never been easier and more exciting to explore.

FAST XFI Sportsman EFI System for GM LS Engines 

Get the most out of your LS engine with FAST XFI Sportsman EFI System. With this compact unit, you’ll be able to get real-time, full control over the engine’s fuel and spark settings just by going through easy-to-read built-in menus and tables. Don’t worry about not being the biggest gearhead out there. FAST has designed the Sportsman EFI system to be easily accessible by users of all levels of mechanical skillsets.


The GM Master Kit 

If you’ve ever struggled with removing broken exhaust manifold studs, you know exactly how big of a pain it is to get the problem resolved. Accessing the damaged stud can take a long time, and an excessive amount of work is usually spent disassembling engine components to get to it. Well, those hectic days are history, thanks to EZ Stud Out’s stud removal tools. The aluminum templates have been designed to work with specific engines for further ease of use. You’ll never dread having to tackle this issue ever again.

EZ Stud Out

LS Classic Engine Package 

Lokar understands the importance of maintaining a vintage aesthetic when building a classic truck. Easily transform your truck’s modern LS engine into a true period-correct machine with Lokar’s all-encompassing LS Classic lineup of engine components. Customizable packages from intake systems and valve covers to completed engines are available for personal configuration for the exact results you desire. Get the look of a true mid-century Chevy engine to better complement your truck’s true vintage vibes.

Lokar Performance Products

TCI Racing Starter for GM LS Engines


Building a high-compression LS engine for your C10? If that’s the case, you’ve probably been looking for a high performance, lightweight starter to add to it. TCI’s racing starter is one-third smaller than most OEM starters, which creates more ground clearance as well as additional clearance for other engine components. Get increased torque output from this 2.5hp starter, enjoy more consistent starts and take advantage of three clocking positions for the best fit possible.

TCI Automotive

Heavy-Duty Engine Cradle for GM LS and Chevy Engines


Make the job of engine building much easier with this rolling cradle from Powerhouse Products. Its heavy gauge steel construction and smooth operating casters provide a stable work area that can be easily moved when needed. Mounting pads are sized to accept both LS and standard SBC/BBC engines so you’ll be able to get the most use out of it in the future. Unique swing-out mounting arms make sliding the engine into position easier than ever.

Powerhouse Products

Intake and Cam Package for GM LS Cathedral Port Engines 

Designed to maximize horsepower and RPM without sacrificing low-end torque, RHS intake and cam packages for GM LS cathedral port engines come with everything needed to bolt on huge power gains to your naturally aspirated or forced induction engine.


FSL Series Camshaft Expansion for GM LS Engines 

COMP Cams’ FSL Series has expanded to include performance parts for a wider selection of engines, including select LS2/LS3 Gen IV units. These cams that have recently been introduced to market combine drop-in ease and increased performance. They are legal in all 50 states with carb EO certification.


Lokar LS Classic Distributor and Plug Wire Set 

Taking a look into Lokar’s vintage-inspired Classic LS Series, you’ll find this distributor and plug wire set that includes a hollow cast-aluminum distributor body, which allows builders to pass plug wires from remotely mounted coils through the distributor and then onto the spark plugs, creating a truly vintage appearance.

Lokar Performance Products

Titan Precious Metals Exhaust Header Bolts 

Replace old, worn down hardware with these grade-5 titanium bolts from Lingenfelter. This grade titanium is 42% lighter than steel and is 100% non-corrosive so you won’t ever have to worry about rust issues. This specific kit will fit GM LS engines with six bolts per cylinder head with 23-degree heads. All fasteners come with 12-point heads for ease of installation.

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering

Vintage Finned Tail LS Valve Covers 

Dress up your LS in style with these finned tail valve covers from CFR Performance. These are the latest addition to the company’s ever-expanding line of parts specifically designed to improve the looks of LS engines. The finned style helps avoid the coil-on-coil look for a truly old-school visual appeal. For those looking for a quick change of scenery under the hood, CFR offers the covers in black or polished options.

CFR Performance

Ultimate LS 2×4 EFI System

FitTech’s Ultimate LS 2×4 EFI system comes with everything needed for a complete install, including two four-barrel throttle bodies, injectors, fuel rails, sensors and more. The ECU provides sequential fuel and spark control as well as transmission controls for the GM 4L60/65/80E transmissions.


Deluxe LS Swap Fuel Filter/Regulator

Speedway’s deluxe swap fuel filter/regulator unit no longer comes with those unreliable adapter fittings and OE style plastic quick disconnects. Instead, the regulator now has the correct fittings built into the assembly and is engineered to work in return-less-style LS swap fuel systems.

Speedway Motors

Mongoose LS Series Cylinder Head

AFR’s LS1 cylinder heads are 100% 5-axis CNC ported and are constructed from A356 aluminum. All heads are outfitted with high-quality components such as titanium retainers and Pac Racing springs. Upgrades and machining options are available to customize the AFR heads to your specific setup. Mongoose cylinder heads are available from 210cc, 215cc, 230cc, and 245cc.

Air Flow Research

LS Retro Fit Oil Pan

Since many vehicles were never designed to fit a V-8 engine under the hood, the importance of using the right parts to make a successful engine swap is imperative. Top Street Performance has designed its LS Retro-Fit front sump oil pan to get the job done when the traditional oil pan just won’t fit. TSP’s aluminum pan will clear the tightest of engine bays, allowing an LS swap that’s possible in a greater number of trucks.

Top Street Performance

6-Phase 240-Amp Racing Alternator

This race-quality alternator is a great solution for any LS engine-swapped application. MechMan’s alternator features a simple ignition-switched turn-on and will tolerate high RPM applications without issue. Most conventional LS alternators require computer input in order to function and frequently fail at the high engine RPM range. For those building your LS for pure power, this just might be what you’ve been looking for.

MechMan Alternators

Plug Wire Separators 

These wire guides offer a clean, efficient way to avoid a rat’s nest of wires under the hood. Forget that sloppy appearance business and route the wires in a simple, straightforward fashion that would make any neat freak proud. The stainless fasteners and 6061-T6 aluminum construction make Billet Specialties’ wire guides an impressive finishing touch to any LS engine swap.

Billet Specialties

TKO Premium Adjustable Hose Clamp

If you plan to beef up your LS engine swap or want to flaunt the engine bay at shows, you must take the time to address the finishing details of the build. Replace those boring spring steel clamps with TKO’s custom-sized, anodized aluminum adjustable clamps that not only provide an attractive finish, but great sealing power as well. Custom engraving is also available.

TKO Clamping Systems

Round Ball Mill Top Air Cleaner 

These billet air cleaners are true pieces of billet—CNC machined from a single block of impressively high-quality aluminum. The craftsmanship goes into these is apparent upon first glance, and these kits from Eddie Motorsports come with a 3-inch tall K&N air filter element for equally impressive dust and particle filtration. Finish off your engine project with top-shelf accessories from Eddie Motorsports.

Eddie Motorsports

Side Mount Oil Cooler Adapter 

If you want to add an oil cooler to your GM LS or Gen-V LT engine, Earl’s billet side mount oil cooler adapter is the way to go. The slim design easily clears most headers and other components that could stand to get in the way. The billet adapters are black anodized and feature O-Ring seals for leak-free operation.

Earl’s Performance Plumbing

Raven Series LS Chevy Serpentine Pulley System 

Eddie’s Chevy S-Drive pulley systems are the most compact and complete serpentine kits out there and have been rated as some of the easiest to install and fire up. The brackets and pulleys are all CNC machined from high-quality aluminum, and the included stainless steel fasteners are of the highest quality for outstanding performance. These kits come complete with Tuff Stuff water pumps, Powermaster alternators, Maval steering pumps and all the fixings.

Eddie Motorsports

LS3/LS7 Performance Ignition Coil Pack 

Lingenfelter ignition coils are engineered to maximize spark voltage duration to ensure optimal engine performance. These coil packs are designed to perform under severe operating conditions and help protect against extreme heat.

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering

Chevy Pro 2500 Series Connecting Rods


Machined from a proprietary billet aluminum material, the Pro 2500 Series for LS engines bring massive strength, durability and precision into a lightweight package. Full radial serrations ensure there is absolutely zero cap movement, even in the most demanding environments, and MGP’s own Hard Bore small-end process reduces wear and bore deformation

MGP Connecting Rods


Transform your modern LS-based engine into a retro-inspired 409/348 looking engine. It’s all about that vintage appeal when building a classic truck, and the right set of valve covers goes a long way. These adapters do not hang off the rear of the head, so there are no firewall issues. This package is sold as a complete kit with an adapter, shortened valve cover, coil harness and plug wires included (takes LS3/LS7 style coil).

Don Hardy Race Cars

LS Longtube Headers Universal C10 Fitment 

Speed Engineering’s C10 headers are mandrel bent and TIG welded in order to achieve a tight design specially crafted to fit LS swaps in ’60+ C10 models. The 304 stainless steel features a polished finish that is most definitely show quality. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better fitting set of headers for LS swaps in C10 applications.

Speed Engineering

Drive-By-Wire 108mm Throttle Body 

This throttle body from Granatelli is designed for GM/Chevrolet LSX drive-by-wire applications, and is precision machined from billet aluminum in order to exceed the demands of both naturally aspirated and forced induction motors. This unit is capable of handling upwards of 25 pounds of boost in draw-through or blow-through applications.

Granatelli Motor Sports Inc.