Overpowered! | Eddie Motorsports LS Raven Series Pulley Kit Install

There’s no denying that a slammed custom C10 is super cool looking at local truck shows and cruise-ins, but looks can only get you so far in this speed-hungry community. That’s why we offer tech tips like these to help you gain an edge up on your custom car rivals. Sometimes you just have to spend money on upgrades that don’t add to the overall look of the truck. It may not add value to the outside appearance, but when you pop the hood or smash the gas pedal, you realize it was money well spent.
This month’s recommendation is a set of drive pulleys for your LS based engine. This upgrade will dramatically change the appearance and performance of your engine, and it’s something we think we can handle on your own if you have the time, tools and technical know-how. Eddie Motorsports’ drive system brackets and pulleys are CNC machined with precision from high quality 6061T6 aluminum. LS Chevy S-Drive pulley systems also include all of the necessary stainless-steel fasteners as well as the highest quality, name-brand components, including Tuff Stuff water pumps, Powermaster alternators, Gates belts and Maval power steering pumps.
We ordered Eddie’s Raven series kit, which came in all black and was unbelievably beautiful. There is an extra charge for kits with anodized finish and even all-black components, so keep that in mind. For the install we turned to our installers at Overpower Customs in Lake Park, Florida. The crew walked us through all the steps, and it was a super smooth install. Let;s get into it!
For this install, the first thing we needed to do was prep the engine. Here are the steps we took.
* If the engine is in your truck, disconnect the battery.
* Remove your existing accessories, brackets, water pump and water pump housing.
* Degrease the front of your block with brake cleaner and let it fully dry.
* Clean all of the threads on your block using an 8 mm thread chaser. Do not use a tap.
* Inspect the front crank seal and replace if necessary.
We ordered the six-rip LS Raven kit. Eddie Motorsports’ S-Drive serpentine pulley kits include everything to accessorize your LS Chevy engine. Kits come complete with all of the necessary precision CNC machined billet aluminum brackets and pulleys, which are made in the USA, and include name brand components.
Each piece is individually packed and vacuum-sealed with part numbers. That’s impressive!
Install the provided M8 studs with anti-seize to the passenger and passenger side of the block. The driver side should stick out 3 inches, and passenger side 4 inches. Double nuts are also provided to help with the install if needed.
Apply a thin coat of RTV sealant to both sides of the gaskets and install them over the water pump studs. If you are using O-ring style gaskets like the ones pictured, no sealer is needed.

Next to install is our new Tuff Stuff water pump.

Followed by the rear alternator bracket over the driver-side studs, securing it with one M8 x 90 mm socket cap screw. Using anti-seize, install two 3/4 x 1.41 stainless steel standoffs to the driver side studs. Do not fully tighten at this time. The end of the stand-off with the hex closest to it goes AWAY from the engine.
Now the crew at Overpower can install A/C bracket stand-offs. Using anti-seize, they installed three 3/4 x 2.55 stainless steel stand-offs to the passenger side studs.

 Next we can install the thermostat and housing. Place the thermostat into the housing and install onto the water pump with socket cap screws. After rotating the thermostat housing to its final installed position, it is imperative that you place the locating tab in the approximate index notch on the housing. This will position the air bleed valve to be installed facing the 12 o’clock position. Failure to do so could cause overheating.

To install the rear A/C bracket, attach the rear compressor bracket to the passenger side of the water pump using two M10 x 20 mm cap screws with anti-seize.
Install the water pump pulley using four 5/16-24 x 1-inch cap screws. Apply Loctite to the threads and tighten fully while using caution to prevent over torqueing.
Now for the power steering bracket. Once all of the cap screws have been started, go back and fully tighten the stand-offs and then the socket cap screws.

Install the A/C compressor bracket to passenger side stand-offs with two M8 x 25 mm cap screws and AN washers. Leave them finger-tight and make sure to use anti-seize on the threads. The A/C compressor is put on next.
The pulley cover for the A/C compressor is next.

Remove the plate from the top of the compressor body. The compressor is charged with nitrogen to ensure lubrication of all components during transport. You will hear the gas escaping when you loosen the fasteners.
With the plate removed, you will see the two sealing O-rings. Leave these on the compressor and be careful not to disturb them. Using caution so as not to damage the O-rings, install the compressor manifold to the compressor.

To install the spring-loaded belt tensioner, they installed the tensioner on the A/C bracket using hex-head bolts.

Follow the instructions from the manufacturer to correctly install the balancer hub and damper assembly that is supplied with the kit. While your crankshaft does not have a keyway, the balancer hub will. The keyway in the hub is to be used to “pin” the crank in the case of high horsepower applications. If you are using the LS electronic ignition, once the hub and damper are correctly assembled, it does not matter what the position of the new damper and timing marks are on your crankshaft.
Route the belt onto the pulleys by installing it over the crank pulley last. Using a ?-inch drive breaker bar, rotate the tensioner down and finish installing the belt around the crank pulley. Slowly release the tensioner until it rests against the belt and tensions the system.
Install the aluminum tensioner cover using two 10-32 x ?-inch socket head flat head screws. Tighten fully while using caution to prevent over torqueing.
With the belt correctly installed, our project is complete! Looks amazing.
Oh, you didn’t think we were stopping there did you? To give this C10 a little more kick, the Overpower crew is adding a massive turbo charger, but that’s tech for another day.
Look at the completed install! Can’t wait to hear this monster crank up for the first time. Be sure to stay tuned to our YouTube channel and social media for the video!