Top 10 Trucks! | Chevroleteros Club Gathering

Mexico has long been known to hold some lost and hidden treasures, but after traveling to Aguascalientes, Mexico, we found some diamonds in the rough. With its rich heritage and culture, the scene in Mexico is like none other, with classics and old schools running wild all over. Chevroleteros club from Aguascalientes had a show that brought people from all corners of the country, with over 700 trucks and cars in attendance, ranging from classics, to muscle, street rods, and even lowriders.

For this being their second annual show, it was a major hit, and it couldn’t have been a better place than in the heart of Aguascalientes at the Isla San Marcos. Heavy hitters such as Team Billet, Ground Zero, Ruta 15, Effi Muniz, and even the host Club, Chevroleteros, showed out, along with Rios Sounds, and Mr. Intro Himself making an appearance.


The Runners up!