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Best of Both Worlds: Heat and Sound Insulation from Thermo-Tec

Thermo-Tec two-sided Thermo Guard keeps trucks quiet and cool.

Thermo Guard FR offers the best performance in heat and sound insulation. This lightweight, durable shield does everything: reduces sound, absorbs vibration, protects from radiant heat, and provides an extra layer of insulation padding.

When you need both a quieter ride and a cooler cabin, you don’t need to choose one over the other. Thermo-Tec’s Thermo Guard is the ideal compromise. It’s our “Goldilocks” product that helps us makes serious improvements to our vehicle when we don’t want to compromise by solving just one problem.

The available two-sided option provides even greater climate protection to your vehicle’s cabin area by retaining the desired temperature environment. While the one-sided option features one side of heat-deflecting foil and one side of sound deadening felt material, the two sided option sandwiches that thick felt layer between two layers of foil. The 100% synthetic fiber felt that provides sound and comfort control and the double-sided high-tech foil heat barrier blocks over 90% of radiant heat.

Peak Performance Shaped to Your Needs

The Thermo Guard FR protects for radiant heat up to 1500 Degrees F. The one sided foil facing insulation blocks 70% of radiant heat, and the two sided foil facing blocks 90% of radiant heat.

Plus, some drivers noticed an additional 0.5DB of sound deadening after installing Thermo Guard. Click here ( to watch a real driver’s review of the installation process and performance testing on his 2007 Nissan Xterra.

While that driver installed his Thermo Guard in his headliner, it also works great on floors, in doors, under the hood… really anywhere you want to put it. It’s a super versatile product that you can literally shape to fit your needs. The Thermo Guard comes in standard sizes, but it’s just ¼ inch thick, and flexible enough that you can cut right through it to get the right shape and size for your truck.

Thermo-Tec makes installation of the Thermo Guard easy. Below, we’ve linked to their new Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive, which is the ideal solution for keeping your Thermo Guard in place long-term. They’ve also got a heavy-duty Mat Roller available to help you stick down those sheets using the spray adhesive.

Like all of Thermo-Tec’s products, the Thermo Guard is proudly Made in the USA. Additionally, it does conform to Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302.

The Highlights

  • Reduces sound
  • Absorbs vibration
  • Protects from radiant heat
  • Provides an extra layer of insulation padding
  • Helps control cabin temperature
  • Blocks over 90% of radiant heat
  • Works great on floors, in doors, within headliner, under the hood
  • 100% synthetic fiber felt
  • Lightweight, durable
  • For interior use

Thermo-Tec Thermo Guard FR Heat-Sound Insulation

You can find the Thermo-Tec Thermo Guard in-person at local NAPA stores and online at and

To find more information about this product, head to Thermo-Tec’s website. (

  1. Thermo Guard FR Heat-Sound Insulation Two-Sided 48 x 72 Inch $103.66 – currently on sale for $92.99
  2. Thermo Guard FR Heat-Sound Insulation One-Sided 48 x 72 Inch $73.04
  3. Thermo Guard FR Heat-Sound Insulation One-Sided 24 x 48 Inch $37.81

Complete your kit with Thermo-Tec Accessories:

Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive 16.75 Oz $19.72 

Mat Roller 2 Inch Heavy Duty $21.19 

To see how this Heat-Sound Insulation barrier works, click here below to hear it from Thermo-Tec.