A family need for Speed

Time certainly has a way of getting away from us, with days quickly turning into months, and months quickly turning into years. Before we know it, all that time we thought we had has come and gone. As Ferris Bueller once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

“When you’re spending only a handful of seconds behind the wheel at a time while on the track,  you don’t need much as long as it keeps you safe and in control!”

The father and son duo of Danny and Will Robertson had long wanted to work on a project together. With both of them loving high speed, big horsepower, and trucks, building a drag truck was the logical choice and much less frustrating than planting a garden. And, of course, race trucks are always in season. Not wanting to put things off any longer, the duo decided to get crackin’ and start buildin’ a bit more than five years ago.


Luckily, both Will and Danny had plenty of parts on hand in their separate stashes to start the build, so they made a list of what they had and what they didn’t and came up with a game plan. The biggest component, as would be expected, was the engine. The 14-71 Mooneyham blown, Rodeck 530-cubic-inch mill was stuffed with iconic speed parts, such as Dart Pro Series heads, a Jim Oddy grind camshaft from Isky, Venolia pistons, a Littlefield blower manifold, and Enderle mechanical fuel injection. All told, the setup is good for about 2,000 horsepower and is backed up by a stout Lenco air-shifted three-disc transmission.

“Since Danny and Will are no strangers to building race vehicles, they knew that  every ounce counts when it comes to making the most of the engine’s capabilities.”

Since Danny and Will are no strangers to building race vehicles, they knew that every ounce counts when it comes to making the most of the engine’s capabilities. Fiberglass is a lot lighter than old ’60s sheetmetal, so they called up U.S. Body Source and ordered a fiberglass cab, front end, doors, and bedsides, which were mounted over the modified Chris Alston Chassis Works Eliminator II chassis, re-engineered and reinforced with double frame rails. The wheelbase was slightly stretched to 117 inches, setting the spooled Strange Engineering Fab 9.5-inch floater rearend back 2 inches from the stock location for greater stability, while the 34.5-inch Mickey Thompson slicks are at full twist through the traps. Wheels of choice are a combination of our favorite modern-day race classics: Weld Racing front runners, with Centerline double beadlocks out back!

The interior, as one would expect, is all business and consists of a tweed-padded Kirkey aluminum race seat, a chromoly rollcage, Grant steering wheel, and Autometer gauges. When you’re spending only a handful of seconds behind the wheel at a time while on the track, you don’t need much as long as it keeps you safe and in control!


This truck seems to be winning at everything these days, including the Phoenix leg of the Hot Wheels Legends 50th Anniversary Tour, where it took top honors and earned a chance to become an actual Hot Wheels die-cast truck! When we asked what changes the duo might want to make to the truck down the road, we were surprised to hear that Danny and Will may eventually go with a 526 Hemi. Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised. After all, speed can certainly be an addiction, and it’s obvious that Danny and Will are hooked!

Build Specs


Danny and Will Robertson
1966 CHEVY C10

Suspension & Chassis

  • Modified Chris Alson Chassisworks Eliminator II drag chassis
  • Strange Engineering front struts
  • Strange Engineering rear springs with Lamb shocks
  • Rack-and-pinion steering
  • Strange Engineering brakes front and rear
  • Wilwood master cylinder
  • Aluminum fuel cell

Wheels & Tires

  • 15×3.5 Weld Magnum Frontrunner front wheels
  • 16×16 Centerline double beadlock wheels
  • 34.5×17-16 Mickey Thompson ET drag slicks
  • 26×7.5-15 Mickey Thompson Sportsman front tires

Engine & Drivetrain

  • 1970 Rodeck 530-cubic-inch engine
  • Dart Pro Series 360cc heads, O-ringed, ported, and polished
  • Venolia rods and pistons
  • Iskendarian camshaft w/ Jim Oddy Grind
  • Littlefield blower manifold
  • 14-71 Mooneyham supercharger
  • Enderle mechanical fuel injection
  • MSD Pro Mag 20 ignition
  • Carbon fiber injector hat
  • CKR Fab zoomie exhaust manifolds
  • Lenco transmission w/ air shift
  • Three 10.5-inch Crower clutch discs
  • Strange Engineering Fab 9 axle housing
  • 9.5-inch Strange Engineering Pro Series center section w/ spool
  • Strange Engineering floater axles
  • Strange Engineering driveshaft w/ titanium yoke and crosses

Body & Paint

  • Work performed by Gary Glandon at Southwest Custom Trucks and Sean Dale at Fast Trac Design
  • U.S. Body Source fiberglass cab, bedsides, and front clip
  • Vinyl wrap with team logo and flames
  • Top Fuel wing


  • Chromoly rollcage
  • Autometer gauges
  • Kirkey aluminum racing seat
  • Grant steering wheel