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All the latest parts for Chevy C10 trucks

LT5 Serpentine Kit

All American Billet Serpentine Kits are a great way to modernize and clean up any engine compartment. What better way to modernize your hot rod, street rod or classic truck than installing a Chevy Performance LT5 755 hp engine designed for the 2019 Corvette ZR1? Our kit takes the guesswork out of your engine swap and makes the upgrade that much easier.

Each kit includes GM Performance 150-amp alternator, GM Type II power steering pump with remote reservoir, Sanden style peanut air compressor, brackets, pulleys, tensioners, belts, stainless steel mounting hardware and instructions. It uses factory GM water pump and crank pulley/damper. These kits come in Machined Finish or Black Anodized. To help fit this beast in your project, the accessories are as tight as possible and nothing protrudes in front of the crank pully/damper.

All American Billet

Upgraded and  Under Control!

Vintage Air releases new billet control panel for ’64-’66 Chevrolet C10 pickups. The OEM factory four-lever plastic control panel is often worn and damaged from years of use or may not be the best match for an updated interior theme. Additionally, many of these trucks utilized basic rotary controls from the factory. The new Vintage Air control panels provide Chevrolet pickup, Suburban and panel truck owners with a great way to upgrade the functionality of their climate-control system and improve the look of their dash. These 6061-T6 machined aluminum upgrade panels bolt in and feature LED backlighting and A/C mode indicators, as well as variable slide adjustments for fan speed, temperature and air delivery selections.

The Vintage Air ’64-’66 Chevrolet C10 Billet Aluminum Control Panels are available in two finishes: chrome bezel (Part #473275) or a matte finish black-anodized bezel (Part #473276). These panels mount in the original dash opening and include new mounting hardware and a complete wiring harness.

Vintage Air

Fuelie  Intake Kits

LS Classic Series offers Fuelie Intake Kits patterned after the Rochester mechanical fuel injection systems but with all the advantages of modern EFI. They feature a two-piece cast aluminum manifold (just like the originals), billet aluminum fuel rails, all mounting hardware and gaskets. The intakes accept factory-style LS3/EV6 42 lb/hr fuel injectors and a factory 92mm four bolt, drive-by-wire throttle body, and are compatible with GM and most aftermarket engine management systems. LS Classic Fuelie Intake Kits are available for rectangular and cathedral port cylinder heads.

Summit Racing Equipment

Race-Ready  Pro Touring Chassis

Total Cost Involved offers its new and complete ’67-’72 Chevrolet C10 Chassis. These brand-new frames include all new front and rear suspension. Simply take off the cab and bed of your truck and set it on the chassis, and you’re done!

The frame itself is laser cut and jig welded for the utmost precision and strength. In the front, the company widened the frame to allow more room for headers and steering components. In the rear, it narrowed the frame to allow for outboard mounted shocks and wider tires.

Suspension in the front is track proven Pro Touring IFS system, which is designed as a compact and strong coilover suspension system to give you maximum performance on or off the track. The Pro Touring IFS features tubular control arms, coilovers and rack-and-pinion steering along with custom modular spindles to provide plenty of brake options.

In the rear, you can choose from two different coilover suspension options based on your needs and preferences. Both of these replace the outdated and underperforming truck arm suspension that’s seen on factory C10 frames. The first is a torque arm suspension that eliminates binding while featuring the TCI Engineering slider mount at the front of the arm that rotates and telescopes as the truck goes through its range of motion. The second option is a performance orientated four-link suspension with adjustable link bars with almost infinite adjustability.

Total Cost Involved

C10-GT Sport Chassis

Art Morrison Enterprises had added the ’67-’72 Chevy C10 pickup to the ever-growing roster of vehicles that can accept its bolt-in GT Sport chassis—which now numbers a dozen applications. AME’s engineering team employed 3-D digital scanning technology to ensure a perfect fit and other computer applications to develop an integrated chassis package that improves handling, ride and stance.

Made with rigid 2 x 6 x 0.180-inch wall main frame rails, the chassis uses FEA-optimized braces to ensure a stiff platform. As the chassis features 3-inch passageways to route the exhaust, it’s designed to provide 5-6 inches of ground clearance with nothing protruding below, and the bottom of the oil pan is flush with frame.

AME’s GT Sport chassis for the C10 comes with a 9-inch rearend with a triangulated four-bar suspension and coilover shocks.

Art Morrison Enterprises

LS Classic Series “Distributor” Kit

The US Mags Bullet is the latest addition to the US Mags Vintage Cast lineup. The Bullet is a cast one-piece wheel with a split five-spoke design in either chrome or a textured anthracite and milled with a diamond cut lip. The initial sizes are 20×8 and 20×9.5 for 5-lug Chevy cars and trucks.

US Mags

Spicer Select

Dana Incorporated has introduced Spicer Select commercial vehicle 404 ring-and-pinion gearing. Ideal for post-warranty vehicle service, these high-quality parts are manufactured with the same quality control measures as genuine Spicer gearing and are backed by an 18-month, 100,000-mile warranty.

Spicer Select 404 gearing will help service technicians rebuild differentials with confidence. Featuring Dana’s patented five-axis cutting, Spicer Select 404 gearing performs nine times better than the aftermarket competition. Competitive pricing makes it an ideal choice for older vehicles that still have an important job to do.

Purpose-built and manufactured with the same heat treatment processes and materials as Spicer original-equipment gears, Spicer Select 404 gearing is designed for exceptional fit and easy installation.

Dana Incorporated