Best CHASSIS For Your C10 Truck

Your Best Bet for the Ultimate in Handling and Performance

For truck owners looking to lay frame with a complete air-ride system or blow through a track course with a coilover setup, there are ways to do that with the existing factory frame, of course. With full blow-apart projects, however, running with an all-new frame could be a more straightforward solution, as it will take all the guesswork out of chopping up the old frame. With everything else about a project truck ending up being restored to like-new condition, why not make the investment into an expertly fabricated chassis as well?

Even though the list of standard equipment offered on all of these full chassis systems is impressive enough, there are always more premium add-on options to select from to better ensure the chassis you select is built specifically to meet your standards. When it comes to the ultimate in ride height, handling, performance and all-around unbeatable radness, nothing quite compares to the craftsmanship that goes into fabricating these chassis packages. Don’t find yourself regretting that you didn’t go all the way with your C10 build—factor in some extra time and extend the budget enough to add something truly game-changing to your truck’s arsenal.

All American Chassis 1955-’87 GM Truck Chassis

The talented folks at All American Billet are proud to release an exciting offering for classic Chevy truck owners. The company’s full frame for ’55-’87 models really is built to be adaptable across that wide spectrum of applications and is fabricated and boxed using 3/16-inch-thick material and comes complete with body and engine mounts, an adjustable transmission crossmember, Watt’s link and a stainless-steel tie rod kit. Optional accessories come in the way of billet control arms, spindle and brake kits, trailing arm or four-link rear suspension, bed mounts and rack-and-pinion steering. This chassis is designed to cater to airbag or coilover setups to deliver the right frame for your GM truck project.

All American Billet

 C10 GT Sport Chassis

Art Morrison’s bolt-in GT Sport Chassis lineup has just been blessed with a ’67-’72 Chevy C10 pickup frame that has been developed to deliver improved handling and ride quality with an aggressive stance to top it all off. The chassis features 3-inch passageways to route the exhaust system and is designed to provide 5-6 inches of ground clearance with nothing protruding below—including the oil pan, which fits flush with the frame. This C10 chassis can be ordered with a multi-link IRS or an air-spring suspension—it’s all up to your specific needs. There will be no question of the integrity of your truck’s suspension setup with this unit as the foundation.

Art Morrison Enterprises

 Fat Fender/Porterbuilt ’60-’66 C10 Chassis

Fat Fender has designed an entire chassis around front and rear dropmember systems that comes equipped with Dominator/Firestone ‘bags and all the fixings for a complete and custom air-ride setup. For those wanting a totally different driving experience, the chassis can be upgraded and outfitted with performance coilovers as well. Enjoy an inner frame stiffener, core support and rear frame crossmember, raised bed floor mounting brackets, Flaming River rack-and-pinion, front and rear sway bars and 12-inch Wilwood front and rear brake kits—not bad at all for starters on a customized chassis tailor made specifically for just about any GM truck from ’47-’87. Upgraded braking packages are also available upon request as well.

Fat Fender Garage

 C10 Pro Touring Chassis

TCI now offers a Pro Touring chassis for ’67-’72 C10 pickups that has been designed to give truck owners more room for headers and steering components, maximum roll stiffness as well as the ability to fit large tire sizes. The center section has enough room for a 3-inch round exhaust tube to fit with much room to spare. Rear frame rails have been stepped 8 inches to deliver an extremely aggressive ride height with low center of gravity. Pro-Touring IFS comes standard, as does Ridetech adjustable coilovers and a torque arm rear suspension that eliminates the bind often found with factory leaf spring and aftermarket four-link setups. To set your mind at ease, TCI chassis systems offers a six-year, 60,000-mile warranty on wear and tear items like bushings and ball joints, as well as a lifetime warranty on any components built in-house.

Total Cost Involved

 CB Performance & Extreme Chassis Packages

To better cater to all C10 owners out there, Choppin’ Block has two chassis offerings for ’60-’72 and ’73-’87 owners. Starting with the Performance package, you can expect superior handling and ride characteristics right out of the gate. Optimized geometry directly lends a hand in creating premium steering feel and ride quality. The rear is equipped with CB’s triangulated four-link, which further promotes a cushier ride. Changing speeds to an Extreme package gives the builder the same quality driving dynamics, while offering the most extreme stance with the ability to lay frame with minimal camber change.

Choppin’ Block

 Fast Track Chassis for ’67-’72 C10s

The Roadster Shop has designed the Fast Track chassis to do much more than slam a C10’s frame to the ground. To make things much more exciting, this chassis has been outfitted with an IFS designed around Corvette C6 spindles, hubs and ball joints, and a total of over 75 individual components to make this C10 chassis perfect for any road course you may want to tackle. The Fast Track frame also utilizes factory body and bumper mounts, as well as core support locations for ease of installation. A pair of 10-inch-wide front wheels with 295 series tires and a pair of 12-inch-wide rear wheels with 345 series rubber will fit no problem so you’re able to run with a respectable set of meats.

Roadster Shop

 Pro-Tech Chassis For ’63-’87 C10

No Limit builds each of its chassis systems to meet each customer’s exact specs. This frame is outfitted with No Limit’s Wide Ride IFS, (including a power rack) with a 61.5-inch track width and a Fat Bar four-link for the rear, which features a Moser H.D. 9-inch Ford housing with 31-spline axles. The main chassis platform is constructed with 2×6 x0.120-inch wall rails with a 2x6x0.188-inch wall crossmember, with exhaust porting and driveshaft loop standard. Truss style engine mounts for SBC, BBC and LS are also standard, making the Pro-Tech chassis ideal for practically any type of popular motor selection. Transmission mounts are adjustable and can accept anything from a Powerglide to a T-56 6-speed (aftermarket overdrive units will not fit).

No Limit Engineering

 Perimeter-X Full Frame

Chassisworks has developed its Perimeter-X full frame system for a wide selection of vehicles, with truck applications being a big part of the offerings. The Perimeter-X chassis features a significant increase in stiffness and power handling, and features ultra sturdy 4x2x0.20-inch boxed-tube wall framing. The front end features G-Machine double A-arm and rack-and-pinion system, while the rear comes with options including a choice of canted four-link, torque arm, IRS, parallel four-link or ladder bar system. Chassisworks is really offering up a “choose your own adventure” scenario under its Custom-Fit Frame program, which the Perimeter-X falls under. To make things even more interesting here, prefab floor systems are also made available to avoid the hassle of extensive floor repairs.

Chris Alston’s Chassisworks

 Scott’s C10 Chassis

The team at Scott’s Hot Rods understands that builders have budgets when working on their C10 projects. This is why the company offers a starting point chassis system that comes equipped with 2×4-inch mandrel bent frame rails, eight-point chassis crossmember, cab and bed mounts, Scott’s own IFS setup, tubular upper and lower arms, a 4-bar rear suspension, an option of Aldan single-adjustable coilovers or ‘bags, and a whole lot more. For those wanting to add even more to their chassis, Scott’s premium options include a power rack-and-pinion, LS motor mounts, adjustable drop-out trans mount, Moser Fab 9 housing, Wilwood brake components, stainless fuel and brake lines, powdercoating and reassembly, as well as other high-end add-ons that’ll make your head spin. Only you know what you want and need out of a full-custom chassis, and Scott’s Hot Rods can help you fabricate the perfect fou

Scott’s Hot Rods

 ’67-’72 C10 Chassis

Designed specifically for second-gen C10 pickup models, GSI’s full chassis can be set up for full air-ride or coilover suspension systems. Premium ride quality and handling comes standard through expert fabrication utilizing CNC laser and press brake machines to ensure that all parts fit as they should at the welding bench and during installation on your end. GSI outfits the chassis with upper and lower arms, CPP modular drop spindles, tie rod adapter kit, chassis stiffener, billet Watt’s link, rear four-link system, Ridetech HQ shocks, carrier bearing and transmission crossmembers, Mustang II rack-and-pinion, Currie Enterprises 9-inch axle housing, and standard SBC engine mounts—with LS, LT and big block mounts available separately.

GSI Machine & Fabrication


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