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The 2021 Ford F-150 Will Get A ‘Sleeper’ Seat So You Can Live In Your Truck: Report


The 2021 Ford F-150 will be an entirely new generation of F-150, the very first since the 2015 model year. Ford’s new cash-cow pickup will get a flat-folding front passenger seat that, according to Reuters’ source, will allow a person to “basically live in the truck.”

Any Ford F-150 news is worth writing about, as it’s just such a popular machine, and the world is anxiously waiting until next Thursday, when The Blue Oval debuts the machine for the world to see. Today’s news, from Reuters, discusses the truck’s interior.

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Here’s What Happens When You Exceed Your Pickup’s Payload Capacity

Big rock versus little truck: Witness the dramatic and harrowing one-minute 48-second saga in Low-Definition Vertical Video with rare expert commentary right here!


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2020 Ford Ranger Lariat: The Jalopnik Review

The 2020 Ford Ranger is the second-best “mid-sized” new truck you can buy for daily driving right now, and for the moment it’s my personal favorite.

If you really want your truck to be as comfortable and competent on the road as possible, you want a Honda Ridgeline. But if you like the way traditional trucks roll, even if most of your driving isn’t necessarily off-road or heavily loaded, the Ranger starts looking pretty sweet.

I put “mid-sized” in air quotes like an A-hole because modern trucks in this category tend to seem pretty large compared to the trucks I grew up looking at in the ’90s. In reality though, the current Ranger kind of splits the difference between an old Ranger and an old F-150. A quick comparison of SuperCab (extended cab) standard-bed truck size specs from Ford and Ford-Trucks.com:

  • 2020 Ranger overall length: 210.8 inches
  • 2000 Ranger overall length: 201.7 inches
  • 2020 F-150 overall length: 231.9 inches
  • 2000 F-150 overall length: 225.9 inches

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