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word on the street | The Latest News, Rumors and Changes in the Truck World

The Latest News, Rumors and Changes in the Truck World

Will the Ford Courier Make a Comeback to the U.S.?

THOUGH it seems to mostly be speculation at this point, we may see a true “mini-truck” come back to U.S. shores in the future. Rumor is that a new Ford compact pickup, based on the global Focus platform, is in the works and slated to hit the North American market.

One clue is that Ford recently filed trademark paperwork for the Courier name, although that may be explained away by Transit Courier compact van that Ford has sold overseas. If a new Courier pickup does come to fruition, we can expect that it will be front wheel drive, unlike the classic Courier we are all used to seeing.

Ford has declined to comment specifically on the development of a new smaller-than-Ranger compact truck, but the company did confirm that it is expanding its lineup with new vehicles, which will incorporate “fresh designs and white-space silhouettes…”

Time will tell, but it’d be awesome to have a fresh mini-truck platform on which to build a sweet custom ride.

Nissan Teams Up with Rocky Ridge Trucks for Frontier and Truck-Based Vehicles

TITAN XD, Titan, Armada and Frontier are now available to be purchased with Rocky Ridge packages at Nissan dealerships. The collaboration was announced at the 2019 Work Truck Show, North America’s largest work truck exhibition event, held at the Indiana Convention Center.

The turn-key truck packages are available through participating Nissan dealerships nationwide and can be fully financed through Nissan’s financial arm, Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation. In addition, Rocky Ridge—a top truck and SUV up-fitter with more than 30 years’ experience—will match all Nissan factory warranties.

The announcement comes at a time when consumers are customizing their trucks at a skyrocketing rate. A recent survey showed that 39 percent of truck owners in the U.S. accessorize or modify their trucks in some way, and the Enthusiast Segment makes up 49 percent of all U.S. pickup truck owners. Meanwhile, a separate study found that while truck buyers are the most brand loyal automotive segment, 80 percent consider more than one brand.

“Truck buyers are unique and so are their trucks,” said Fred DePerez, vice president, North America LCV Business Unit, Nissan North America, Inc. “And while truck buyers are the most brand loyal automotive segment, consumers are willing to consider other brands if the product and value proposition is right. We’ve found there remains great opportunity within the truck and enthusiast market—and these big, bad, custom-lifted, Rocky Ridge-warranted Nissan trucks are definitely going to drive excitement and traffic to Nissan showrooms for a closer look.”

All Nissan Rocky Ridge packages start with custom suspension systems designed to “stand tall” without compromising smooth ride and handling characteristics. For example, the Titan XD and Titan packages include 6-inch suspension lift kits, while Armada and Frontier feature 3-inch and 2.5-inch lift kits, respectively. All packages also include custom wheels and off-road performance tires selected specially for each model.

“Americans have always had a love affair with their trucks—but that affair doesn’t end with the purchase; it starts there,” said Burl Outlaw, CEO, Rocky Ridge Trucks. “Rocky Ridge has worked hard to show that Nissan hosts a perfect line of trucks and SUVs to facilitate that relationship. And there is no better way to show what is possible than to have examples ready for sale on Nissan dealer lots—easily financed by Nissan with warranties fully matched by Rocky Ridge.”

Additional details on Rocky Ridge and each Nissan truck and SUV package can be found at For more on the 2019 Titan XD, Titan, Frontier, Armada and the entire Nissan lineup, please visit