2022 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali interior spied with dramatic redesign

The new screen is running Android Automotive software, and it ditches the column-mounted shifter

The 2022 GMC Sierra’s interior overhaul is coming into better view with these new spy shots revealing a totally new dash.

GMC teased out a few changes when it announced Super Cruise was coming to the 2022 Sierra, but only so much was visible in the tightly cropped photo. These spy shots tell a fuller story about what’s going on inside the new GMC pickup. We’re instantly drawn to the new center stack that doesn’t even remotely look like the truck’s current design.

There’s a new widescreen infotainment system integrated nicely into the dash just below new thin air vents. It appears to be running a version of Android Automotive. The Google Assistant bubble is visible in the top left corner, and a Google sign-in screen is showing on the far right. GMC is obviously still prioritizing hard buttons and knobs for all vital controls. A big, knurled-looking volume knob is positioned to the left of the screen. And the climate control layout is all buttons and knobs with glossy black and chrome accents. This, along with the angled surfaces, classes it up a bit versus the current sea of flat black center stack buttons. Even the push button start appears dressed up in chrome.

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GMC Hummer EV will weigh 9,046 pounds

It’s about 1,000 pounds heavier than the old Hummer H1

In the 2000s, Hummer’s unique breed of off-roaders summoned a dark cloud of disapproval from environmentalists because they were gas-guzzling SUVs with mammoth dimensions. GMC’s born-again Hummer EV will escape the gas guzzler label by running solely on electricity, but it will be even bigger and much heavier than its predecessors.

Enthusiast site GM-Trucks reported the Hummer EV will tip the scale at 9,046 pounds (4,103 kilos if you’re outside of the United States) in its quickest configuration, and a GMC spokesperson told Autoblog that figure is accurate. For context, the H1 Alpha released for 2006 (and often considered the ultimate Hummer) weighed 8,113 pounds, the H2 checked in at 6,614 pounds with the 6.2-liter V8, and the H3 was comparatively light at 4,600 pounds.

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2021 Honda Ridgeline Review | Looks like a duck, is actually a goose

More macho looks for 2021 are appreciated, but seem unlikely to sway the truck faithful

We’re guessing that it’s impossible to convince a majority of the truck-buying population that the 2021 Honda Ridgeline would be right for them. Quite simply, to them, the Ridgeline is not a truck. It may have a pickup bed, but its unibody crossover architecture stands in sharp contrast to the body-on-frame truck norm. It can also tow only 5,000 pounds, has minimal ground clearance and just one cab/bed/powertrain combination. As such, the styling updates made for 2021 to make the Ridgeline look more macho seem unlikely to make much of a difference. If it looks like a duck, but you know it’s a goose, it still isn’t a duck. Also, a lot of the macho-look heavy lifting comes courtesy of the new HPD Performance package, pictured here. Other ’21 Ridgelines don’t go quite as far.

So the Ridgeline still may be a goose, but that’s not actually a bad thing considering its unique crossover architecture grants it a multitude of advantages not shared by other, “real” midsize trucks. It rides and handles far better; its interior is more spacious, comfortable and quiet (it also has better storage and higher-quality materials); and its unique bed features a 7.9-cubic-foot trunk, the Dual Action tailgate that drops down and swings out, and the availability to turn itself into a giant speaker. It’s a tailgater’s dream. So even if it’s isn’t a real truck, plenty of real people will still find plenty to like about the 2021 Ridgeline.

What’s new for 2021?

The Ridgeline looks a little more rugged for 2021 (and a little less like a Pilot) courtesy of a bigger, blockier grille, a new bumper, twin exhausts and an available HPD Performance package that further beefs things up with a unique grille treatment, black fender flares, all-terrain tires and gold wheels. It’s available on all trim levels, including the base Sport.

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