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Sometimes Change Is Good Especially For This 2001 Chevy SUBLIME SILVERADO…

 It’s hard to stand out in a sea of custom trucks—but this 2001 Chevy Silverado caught the eye of up-and-coming photographer Elijah Rodriguez. And after flipping through these photos, you can see why. The phosphorescent, street-scraping Chevy is owned by firefighter Robert Lopez of Edinburg, Texas, who bought it mostly finished and then tweaked it to his specifications.

2001 Chevy SILVERADO“The truck was initially very well built,” Robert says. “I updated the interior, audio, wheels and some of the suspension to change it up from the previous owner.”

From the factory, this Silverado came equipped with a 5.3-liter Chevy V-8 and transmission, which is now sporting a full Magnaflow exhaust and a Helix throttle body. The sublime paint job you see before you was something a little extra.

Interior on a 2001 Chey“The color, Sublime, gets the most attention,” Robert says.

Other exterior mods that came with the truck include custom wheelwells, rock lights, tucked bumpers, shaved gas door, bed pockets and tailgate handle.

To make his personalized changes to the truck, Robert reached out to the professionals.

It sports a custom frame from the cab back, narrowed front and rear, thanks to Corrupt Customs out of Houston, Texas. Eddie’s Chop Shop, also out of Houston, updated the suspension components.

“With the help of my friend Eddie Rodriguez, we upgraded the suspension parts, compressors, tank and lines at his shop,” Robert says. “We also added hood hinges.”

For the interior updates, he sourced Gordo Upholstery in Brownsville, Texas, which created custom seats in black with green vinyl and wrapped the dash and all the panels. Robert also had Valley Sound and Security install a Pioneer stereo along with two 8-inch Sundown Audio subs in a custom box and two pairs of Skar Audio components.

Intro’s Twisted Rally 26-inch wheels on a 2001 Chevy As for the updated wheels and tires, Robert chose a set of Lexani 305/30/26 tires and Intro’s Twisted Rally 26-inch wheels. He also has some other updates on his to-do list.

“I’d also like to change the air management to Accuair or Level Ride,” he says. “And add a Big Brake Kit and do some motor work.”

For others out there thinking of changing up their trucks, Robert has some advice: “It’s going to take time, money and patience,” he says. “Do your research and find a reputable shop to work with.”

Lexani 305/30/26 tires and Intro’s Twisted Rally 26-inch wheelsRobert, who’s a member of the Ground Zero crew, takes his truck to all the area shows, including Heatwave Spring Break Jam, the Lone Star Throwdown and local RGV Showoffs. So, the next time you’re at a show-and-shine staring over a sea of custom trucks, look for the ’01 Chevy with the sublime paint job.

“I have this truck because it’s a lifestyle,” Robert says. “Things will always change, and the scene is always changing. Build what you want and drive it.”