GMC confirmed it will build a second electric truck that won’t be as fancy as the Hummer EV

GMC will build its first electric vehicle in 2021. That’s when the Hummer EV will go into production. But the resurrected truck won’t be the only EV in the brand’s lineup. The GM-owned marque revealed that it will also offer an all-electric Sierra pickup, but there’s no specific timeline for that vehicle yet.

“There will be an all-electric Sierra pickup, but no timeline yet. But, the plan is to make it electric; this whole electric thing is a moving target,” Lynn Thompson, the president of a Buick-GMC-Cadillac dealership in Missouri, told the Detroit Free Press. Thompson added that the second electric truck was confirmed by GM executives during a national dealer meeting.

Although the Sierra is a popular model and an EV version with the same badge would be a good marketing choice, chances are this electric truck will be a standalone model. Chevrolet also announced plans to introduce an electric pickup in the coming years and the said truck won’t be a Silverado, but a separate nameplate. It’s safe to assume that the Chevy and GMC electric truck will be related, so they won’t share much with the Silverado and Sierra siblings. The latter will probably remain the company’s internal combustion core lineup that will probably include hybrid versions in the near future.

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It looks quite comfortable even in extreme weather conditions

Now that the 2021 Ford F-150 is out of the box, the company can focus (pun unintended) on developing the electric version of the truck. It’s been in the works for quite some time now, but the first time we saw it in action – and that also officially confirmed its presence – was when Tesla challenged it to a towing capacity test and the electric F-150 allegedly towed over a million pounds. Apart from that, the company teased the truck a few months back along with the announcement of the new Rogue facility.

But, it seems like the company has already starting hyping it up. Ford released a teaser video that showcases the electric F-150 playing on ice like it’s no one else’s business.

In this 20-second clip, you can see the electric Ford F-150 driving around in snow and ice effortlessly. It is accompanied by the Mustang Mach-E as both the e-vehicles seem to be having fun in the cold conditions. If you look at the bigger picture, this also showcases the truck’s ability to survive in cold conditions, which is one of the concerns for folks looking to upgrade to EVs.

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Check Out What The Rivian R1T Can Do With Christmas Lights

That’s Rivian’s way of saying Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Like many other automakers, Rivian is also in the Christmas spirit. The automaker used its R1T pickup truck to power 20,000 Christmas lights and make it a ‘lit’ night for families at the Timber Pointe Outdoor Center. Obviously, it caught everyone’s attention. It wasn’t a subtle Christmas ad, say, like Ford’s Griswold ad, but it at least showed off the truck’s potential. If only we knew how long it can power so many lights.
Rivian posted the one-minute video on Twitter with the caption, “Underneath 20,000 lights in the middle of the woods — all powered by a single outlet in the R1T — we invited our families in Normal out to see what we’ve been building. Special thanks to our hosts at Timber Pointe Outdoor Center. Happy holidays everyone.”

You can see folks from all age groups checking out the Rivian pickup truck inside-out. Since we’ve already seen the truck, there are no real spoilers here, but you can see some of the features in action, like the plugs in the truck bed, the opening and closing of the tailgate, equipment from the tunnel, and so on. The headlights and taillights can be seen in action, and if you were curious about how bright they’d be in real-world conditions, well, you can get a hint from here.

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