Long Time Reader, First Time Contribution


GREAT OPPORTUNITY PRESENTED ITSELF IN 2014. I found myself in the position to write and photograph as a regular monthly contributor to “Street Trucks” magazine, as well as the special edition “C10” and “F-100 Builder’s Guides” that pop up throughout the year. Although I was already pretty familiar with the whole writing and snapping pictures thing, I was eager to jump aboard and go along for the ride.

Although I’m no stranger to working in the automotive journalism field, it all feels as exciting as it once did when I got my start somewhere around ’05-‘06—it’s all kind of blur. I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with some of the most notable motorcycle and truck magazines on the newsstands, and nothing really substantial has changed in my decade-plus in this field. I’m still writing for the magazines I grew up reading, and I do consider this living the dream—my dream. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of the coolest, most talented creative minds in the automotive industry along the way, and my aim is to do my best to deliver their stories to our readers.

I am admittedly a better writer than wrencher, and my photo work falls somewhere in between. I’m just trying to take full advantage of this opportunity to give you guys something interesting to read and look at while you’re relaxing at home or in the garage. I contribute where I can to this whole “scene” (for a lack of a better term), and enjoy every bit of it. And although my role in this whole craziness is small, I do love being a part of it. Thanks to all of you for continuing to pick up your monthly copy of “Street Trucks,” whether you are one of the OGs that have been around since the beginning or have just recently tuned in to the broadcast.

Twenty years is a long time. A lot of trends have come and go in that time, and I’m looking forward to where the next 20 years take us (Apologies if this reads like a sappy yearbook entry or something). Have a fun summer, KIT!

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