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Builders, Buyers  and Bargain Hunters | The Final World

Builders, Buyers  and Bargain Hunters

Where do you fit in?

A friend recently reached out to me regarding a C-10 that he just had to have. It was close to his house and he had already looked over it with a fine tooth comb. The truck had newer paint, immaculate interior and was powered by its original big block.

My recommendation was, “Walk away brother!”

Now why would I recommend he stay away from the truck? Because he’s a builder! With his skills, he needs to be patient and wait for the right “build” to come along. And a few weeks later, it did.

If you’re reading this, you and I both know you’re passionate about trucks and most likely C-10 models. You may even have a year or two that are your favorites just like I do. So, where do you feel that you fit in this same scenario? Read along and decide for yourself which group you belong in:


  • You just can’t leave well enough alone.
  • The build process is what you love; chassis, brakes, powertrain, interior and paint.
  • You have vision–artistic ability to see the potential and how it will turn out at the end. Wrenching is truly therapeutic to you.
  • Once one project is done, you’re itching for another.


  • You can literally eat off of your garage floor.
  • You focus on the finer points of each build, like trim and gaps.
  • Finishing the last 5 percent is your absolute favorite part
  • Fine tuning and detailed adjustments can easily keep you up at night
  • Detailing the truck is your natural healing therapy.


  • Watch out boys and girls, these are natural born hunters with cash on hand.
  • You sit and wait for those unbelievable deals and quickly move in for the kill.
  • The thrill of the hunt gets you excited, the find is your talent and your unbeatable timing gets you the score. Once they have the prize they usually sell it to the builder so he can build it and sell it to the buyer. All that effort put forth with a goal for that taste of profit.

Bottom line, there’s probably a little bit of each in all of us. Just know who you are and we can assure that your current truck experience will be that much better. The cycle really needs all types to make the C-10 world go around, which is exactly what makes the C-10 Nation such a great place for everyone involved.

Ronnie Wetch is the host of the popular C-10-focused podcast C10 Talk, which you can subscribe to through iTunes and various other podcast outlets.—Ed.