Living the Life and Transforming the Brand with Chris Hamilton

Street Trucks Unifies with Other Brands for a Strong Digital Platform.

The time is now! If you’re a hard-core fan of Street Trucks and you consume every bit of content we create, you know that we recently spent a weekend re-coating our garage floor as a weekend-warrior project to take a break from the nonstop noise surrounding this 30-year-old brand. For the last five years, I’ve been aggressively evolving Street Trucks from a primarily printed product to a diverse digital experience. Sure signs of success are a full inbox on every outlet imaginable and a skyrocketing graph of traffic on every analytics report available. So what do we do when we find a secret to success? We spread the love! 

So here’s the concept: All of our brands—including Street Trucks, Diesel World, Tread, C10 Builder’s Guide, F-100 Builder’s Guide, EV Builder’s Guide, and OBS Builder’s Guide—will unify as one strong digital platform while each maintains its brand independence and in print as you have loved for nearly 30 years. Our online platform will be a community of all things car and truck yet only showing you the things you want to see. So what will this collective of culture be called? We would like to introduce you to and invite you over to the new home for Street Trucks digital and everything else at

The future is here, and we are all in. We will continue to give you the same great content we already produce, including professionally written features on the most amazing trucks around the country, technical how-to installs and product reviews so you can learn before you buy, all the latest and greatest parts and products available in the industry for your custom or classic truck, and some of the best personalities that money can’t buy. It’s a new age, it’s a new day, and we’re coming out revving!

Step one in this massive shift to a bigger, better experience is bringing in a new editor-at-large for Street Trucks magazine. This individual has lived the life, you’ve read his name in this book many times, and he’s a true dedicated enthusiast who is as passionate about this brand we all love as I am. Interested to know who we chose? Find out in the next issue of Street Trucks magazine!


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