Keeping the Rhythm Going on Our ’67 F-100

Keeping the Rhythm Going on Our ’67 F-100

In the last issue of FBG, we did some Crown Vic front upgrades to our 1967 F-100, and we wanted to keep the rhythm going and address the rear suspension too. 

We have some fun plans with this ’67 F-100, and power is one of them. With that in mind, we elected to go for a new 9-inch GearFX driveline housing with 35 spline axles, 3:70 gears, a Detroit locker. To hold that monster of a rearend in place, we have the QA1 rear suspension. Just like up front, we went with a matching set of Baer Brakes Pro+ 6-piston setup.

One thing we did a little differently than a usual QA1 install is that we welded the QA1 axle parts to the axle instead of bolting it on, just because of what the intent of the final build is.

Here are the products we’re planning to use in this upgrade.
Pictured are Baer Brakes Pro+ 6 piston calipers and 14-inch rotors with internal parking brake.
Above, a GearFX driveline 9-inch fabricated housing with 35 spline axles, 3:70 gears, and a Detroit locker.
We will also install a QA1 rear suspension with double adjustable coilovers.
We removed the bed to make the installation that much easier.

Here is what we started with.
Remove the factory rear suspension and cut off all the rivets.
With the supplied template, mark where you need to cut for the C-notch.
Once the C-notch is cut, hold your QA1 bracket in place. Use the nine existing holes to line it up. Then drill the necessary holes and bolt it all together.

Our rearend came unfinished, so we sanded it, used metal primer, and coated it with black paint.
Bolt on the supplied rearend bracket that will hold on the torque arm.
We got the rearend in place and welded the axle brackets on.

With the rear suspension finished, it’s time to install the brakes.
Step one is to remove the backing plate on the axle.

Install the bracket/parking brake on the axle.
Attach the rotor and install the caliper with the two supplied bolts. Shim if necessary.

Take it all in because this just looks so cool!


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