Well, we did it.

We created another badass C10 mag dedicated strictly to the genre we all grew up with. I have to admit I definitely never anticipated running this here book, but it’s definitely now a labor of love. We poured heart and soul into this issue, and I truly hope you can see it shine through. Starting with a bang, Fat Fender debuts one of the most insane yet clean C10 builds of our time. Then we had to fill these pages with a ton of killer features from all eras and types to quench our thirst for all things custom.

This issue jumps right in with more pages dedicated to C10s/GM post AD with some of the most heavily modified and custom shop builds all the way through to static and homebuilt rides. We’re making a conscious effort to showcase all types in print and show off what all is possible across the board. With that said, we’re also hitting more shows to hit bigger show coverage here in print. Look, we’re truck guys just like you, so we know you can find show coverage day-of online, and we’ll post up online as well—but we also know that print just hits different. Seeing your truck laid out in the show field make these pages is a feeling that we hope to continue for generations to come.

As we continue to evolve the print platform, we’ll hit Top 10s online, interviews, and more as we grow our digital and social presence—but the truth of the matter is we’re hoping to always have a “print focus” with holding these very pages in your hands, since we will always believe that there’s magical in these pages, something special and tangible. So, get out there and continue to support your favorite custom truck mags and buy a copy for your friends, family, a few for yourselves, whatever it takes! Let’s keep growing and evolving but at the same time staying true to what we truly love!

Family, trucks, air-ride, and static, home-built, and shop-built, you’ll be seeing more of it all here. If you have a C10 build you’d like to see in these pages you can email me directly at alexandermediainc@gmail.com, and stick around. There’s plenty more to come!