BAGD150 | ’16 Ford F-150 Platinum

The word punctilious comes to mind when we hear the story behind this ’16 Ford F-150. A punctilious person pays attention to details. Are you always precisely on time? Is your room perfectly neat? Do you overly obsess about minor dents, chips or dings on your truck? Then you are one of the punctilious people, and we welcome you with open arms.

As you walk around this bagged four-door Platinum Ford, you can clearly see that no detail was too small or overlooked by owner Robert Lopez. He also happens to be an aircraft technician, so keeping an eye on every detail is a big part of his job.

Color-matched front and rear bumpers along with a painted factory grille are subtle upgrades that some people wouldn’t notice, especially while being mesmerized by the 24-inch American Force Flight ST6 wheels. Chassis Fab out of Pearland, Texas, had its work cut out when Robert told them he wanted to lay the frame with 15-inch-wide wheels. That’s no easy task, but they managed to stuff the rubber with no rubbing at ride height. The 405/25/24 Pirelli P Zero tires fill the wheelwells perfectly and the setup looks amazing at 60 mph. Ordering American Force wheels gave Robert the option to set his own widths and backspacing, which is 5 inches up front and 3 inches in the rear. An AccuAir E-level air-ride management system combined with dual Viair compressors provide the lift needed to cruise and make full U-turns. Firestone airbags at all four corners allows the truck to ride like a Caddy, and the custom Chassis Fab back-half gives clearance to lay the frame on the ground.

The factory installed 5.0-liter Coyote engine has plenty of power to push this 4,800-pound truck. Factory spec is 385 hp, although we expect this truck to have a little extra thanks to a full cat-back Carven exhaust system. More power is planned for this Platinum soon though, so follow Rob online to keep up with this build.

These builds are really stressful, but don’t take any shortcuts and if you have the option, body drop it right away. It’s just more time and work to do it in steps.

Most of the factory installed elements still reside in the cab of this Ford, including the brown leather seats, although a full subwoofer enclosure and in-dash iPad is on the way.

Local events around Miami are where you can see this truck in person, but after a few more major upgrades, we fully expect it to hit the national show scene. Robert has a natural attention to detail, but he also has a few suggestions for anyone that’s in the process of building a custom truck.

“These builds are really stressful, but don’t take any shortcuts and if you have the option, body drop it right away,” he says. “It’s just more time and work to do it in steps.”



Robert Lopez
’16 Ford F-150 Platinum


  • Custom chassis back-half
  • 145-inch wheelbase
  • Suspension by Chassis Fab of Pearland, Texas
  • Dual Viair compressors
  • AccuAir E-level
  • Firestone airbags


  • 2016 5.0-liter Gen 2 Coyote engine
  • 3-inch catback Carven exhaust system


  • American Force: Flight ST6
  • 24×9 front, 24×15 rear
  • 5-inch front backspacing; 3-inch rear backspacing
  • Pirelli P Zero Tires
  • Front, 255/30/24; rear, 405/25/24


  • Color matched grille
  • Color matched bumpers
  • Wheelwell rock lights


  • Brown leather platinum bucket seats
  • Sony head unit


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